I have a confession to make!!

  1. My name is amamxr- and I am a Karo Junkie:nuts::yes:

    Since my first dose of a Berina Karo GM- I have been hooked. I felt I need more, I wanted more:s I trembled until the Rose Shocking arrived.:woohoo: I will be in the depths of despair until I find another!!:sweatdrop::hysteric:

    Unlike any other accessory in my collection including Chanel and LV, the Karo is just so cute. I love the snaps on the top the feel of the inside, the smell of the leather, the way things sound when you are rifling through looking for something. No matter what you put in it it seems to find a resting place next the whatever else you may have placed into the Karo. :tender::tup:

    What is your favorite Hermes Accessory and why?
  2. Yay! I haven´t seen your barenia Karo, please show!

    My favorite accessory is the H scarf. Oh and bracelets goodness I love them!
  3. amamxr, I'd love to see your Karo as well. :smile:
  4. Can I see it also? LOL!x
  5. Sure my addiction:graucho:
    Karo #1.jpg Karo #2.jpg
  6. Beautiful!!!
  7. I haven't strayed into that category yet. Hermes scarves are :drool:.
    One day I will ask this great stylist (H) :heart: to help me with some suggestions on purchasing my first scarf!!
  8. ^I´m sure anything you pick out would work for you:tup:

    Those Karo´s are gorgeous! I´m loving the fuchia, so fresh!
  9. This is the best enabling :nuts: Beautiful! I don't have a Karo yet, but the size and colour are already decided. Then the other day I just realized I need at least two Karos for different purposes:angel:
  10. i adore my karo. seriously. i think i'm addicted to it. i keep telling myself not to use it everyday so it stays perfect but i don't think i want to leave it home. LOVE the colors of yours J!!!

    I used to be addicted to scarves and I still love them but I slowed down with buying them.... and, sadly, wearing them....
  11. I love your karos! I have one and truly it keeps me better organized! I now have my lipsticks contained and not rolling around in my bag, along with other goodies!
  12. hlfinn, I say use your Karo as much as you want! These H accessories are expensive so we may as well get our money's worth, right :p
  13. Thanks! I love the hot pink one!x
  14. That rose shocking is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I mean, seriously, I'm in absolute awe. Add that to my wishlist :graucho:

    I love H scarves; after my first big one I'm just totally hooked. They automatically make you look so classy; elegant, refined, put-together. :yes:

    J, what can you tell me about the Karo? What all can it be used for? What's the price point? WHERE can I find one in Rose Shocking? I am in love!
  15. WOW! I love your Karos!!!! So beautiful!!!