I have a confession to make...Eldery, short woman returns Cabas

  1. Well all, I returned my leather Coco Cabas today. I absolutely hate to return things because I have usually made such a fuss for Paul to find me something, but I had to in this case. I love the look of the Cabas but everytime I pulled it out to wear, I put it back and took something else. The look fit my lifestyle perfectly, but the size was just not practical for me. When I saw the news on the forum that they were coming out with a smaller size, that sealed the decision for me and back she went.:shame:
  2. A smaller size?? Really?? Hmmm....I love it in white. Wonder if they will make it in White?
  3. I feel terribly guilty too when I return something. Not only do I feel I have cause My SA's a great deal of trouble to 'find' it for me, I have also shared the excitement of 'getting it' with you ladies. I just returned my latest Hermes purchase :sad: but can't bring myself to tell the girls in the Hermes sub-forum yet......:shame:

    Having said that, if you don't love it, it has to be returned. I am looking forward to seeing the smaller Cabas too.
  4. Mac - is there a thread on the smaller size? I returned mine also. I loved the look of the bag, just kept wanting it to be a tad smaller. I would definitely be interested in a smaller size.

  5. Thanks, Mac! I had just found it. I agree, I find out more about what's coming out, etc. here versus my SA. Sometimes I feel he is looking at me like I am just making this stuff up! LOL! :nuts:
  6. Don't feel bad I know you'll be getting something else from him eventually :smile:

    Glad you make the right decision, if something isn't right don't keep it!
  7. You did the right thing; you did the right thing. (Repeat mantra until convinced! :biggrin:)

    From one who knows exactly how you feel, LOL!!
  8. Aww, don't feel bad. I believe it is our money and if we aren't happy with it, then it must go back! A good SA should know that we'll always be back for more.
  9. Oh no! Aaack - I think I'm more sad than you are :crybaby:
    It sounds like you made the right decision, and I'm intrigued by the smaller Cabas too... I bet that one will be perfect for you!
  10. Just think, there's a smaller cabas for us short women to look forward to :yahoo:.
  11. I had to do the same thing with the square bowler and I felt so bad that I bought another bag that was not really on my wish list. Turns out I love the new bag so it worked out well. You definitely need to be "in love" with a bag or else return it. I cannot wait to see the smaller Cabas.
  12. I understand. I went to Chanel on 57th on Saturday to see the brown one my SA had for hold on my. At the moment I decided to try it on, my daughter decided that she didn't want to be in the Bugaboo and HAD to be held. So there I am holding a 4.5 month old and trying on this huge bag when I realized that although it is beautiful, there is NO way I could carry it and her and be comfortable - my SA agreed, so that was a no. I really was looking forward to having one too, but it just doesn't work for me... maybe the smaller one will.
  13. what's all this about a "elderly short woman"? you are so silly! :lol:

    i know what you mean about returning things. i really hate to return more expensive items which i already took a long time in the first place to decide on buying! but in the end, a good SA will be understanding, and you are better off with someone you really want than something you feel lukewarm about.
  14. ^ Mac , don't feel bad . I'm 5'11, between 135-142 lbs , and I had it in my head that I WAS going to purchase this bag . I thought as tall as I am I would ROCK this bag . Uh-uh . Not feeling it .

    I never thought there would be a bag too big for me ! I LOVE huge bags . It looks great on some of the other girls but it just wasn't me . I felt like I might take out a small child if I hit them with it .