I have a confession to make concerning Garance

  1. Okay, ladies, it's time for me to come clean but please don't shoot me:

    I don't like Rouge Garance... except perhaps on a Clemence Massai I tried. At first, I tried to tell myself it was because I was so in love with Rouge Vif that I couldn't see anything else. But now, it's become obvious that I don't love, love, :love: LOVE :love: it the way I love Rouge Vif.

    For some reason, I feel really bad about this :crybaby:I feel weird(er) about this.

    Has anyone else got the same feelings for another colour?
  2. Oh, Perja, didn't you SO the JPG Birkin in Garance?
  3. Erm, yep. That's exactly why I'm so bust up about this. I rrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally wanted it in Rouge Vif but got talked into Rouge Vif because RV is supposedly so over.
  4. Ew, boy, what to do? What to do?
  5. Perja, Can you change your order?
  6. I don't think so. But the store said it would be no problem for me to refuse it since the JPG is hot off the shelves. And of course, I'd let you ladies know first :graucho:
  7. Change it if you can, Perja. Some colors just don't do it for us....sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, you know?
  8. Sorry to hear that!!! :crybaby: I hope they can get another for you in a color you love! :flowers:
  9. Perja, I'm with Shopmom. Try to change your order.

    For me, I know I can never do Vermillion, maybe Rouge VIF or Garance...
  10. There's a rouge garance JPG at my local boutique ... at least until last Saturday when I passed by. At first, I wasn't so in love with rouge garance (I saw it in a Picotin and Birkin), but that JPG was FABULOUS!!!!!

    I say give it a try when it arrives and then decide.
  11. It happens...it just does.

    Thank goodness they keep making more and more bags for us!!!
  12. Couldn't you change it to Fjord Rouge Vif ? There's lots of it now, in fact it's almost the only leather you can get in Rouge Vif at the moment....You could ask your SA...
  13. Well I love RG right now..but have gotten over my love of turquoise and fuschia -- it is sad but there are lots of other colors in the Hermes sea!
  14. OK, ley's face it, buying a H bag means big $$$$$ going away.
    So even if one is veeery rich (which I am not, unfortunately) the feeling of "really having to take the best decision" according our tastes is always there. Call it catholic (or whatever other religion) guilt if you want, but it's always a big decision that we feel HAS to involve either gut or rationality.

    What is happening to you happenend to me once (well, it was a Podium order, and not a SO, but it doesn't make much difference since these bags sell within minutes).

    When my JPG came in in chocolat I realised that it wasn't at all the color I wanted. So I made my excuses, explained that I really had the need for a very dark brown, that this brown wasn't as dark as I would have expected, and asked them if pleeeaaase they wouldn't bother me for not buying that one and for asking them to order a dark brown/ebène instead. I was veeeeery embarassed believe me, but once I did that I was so happy! what a relief! And you know what? I absolutely LOVE my dark brown that they got for me 9 months later.

    So go ahead, don't be shy, if, as I suppose, it's not possible to change the order now, tell them you are starting to be skeptical, that you would like to see the bag when it comes in, but maybe rouge vif would be better for you, so that you have the possibility to turn it down when it comes in.

    I think you should take it only if you really feel that's what you want.

    And please let us know you are not taking it before you turn it down...
  15. ITA...I love the Garance, but that's just me...if you don't love it....get what you love!!!