I have a colour... help me pick a style!

  1. I've been eyeing the whitewash / rosegold combo, and I think it's gorgeous! I've been thinking about getting the no strings satchel, no strings clutch, matinee, and steady (in sterling).

    It just seems pointless for me to get those all in the same colour though. So I'm going to limit my purchases to one!

    See, I don't particularly like the other colours in the no strings satchel/clutch, (well, maybe the light purple one) but I like the bag itself. So if I don't get the whitewash, I likely wouldn't get the no strings.

    I also really like the matinee in whitewash, but it seems a little too elegant for such a rocker cool bag. Plus, I love the matinee in a variety of other colours (I think I have about 5 on my wishlist right now)

    And none of the other colours in the Steady even remotely catch my interest as much as the sterling does!

    So ladies, please help me decide... which bag should I get in whitewash/rosegold (sterling)?
  2. I vote for the Matinee.
  3. Some pics just for reference
    18596-viewsize300-front.jpg matineewhitewash.jpg steady.jpg
  4. matinee or steady gets my vote!!! haven't looked or seen the size of the steady yet... but i love my matinee!! it's very comfy to carry on the shoulder or the crook of the arm.
  5. I'd go for a Matinee!
  6. I like it in the no strings satchel.
  7. I agree with you -- the Steady in that color is the only version that's caught my attention... but as for the vote -- I vote for the Matinee :biggrin:
  8. See the thing is... if i got the steady or the no strings, i'd still get teh matinee. if i got the matinee, i wouldn't still get either of the other two. I guess thats my big dilemma.. cuz if I get a matinee then it would be my only RM purchase for the next little while (I can't justify to myself owning two of the same bag when there are so many others out there that I want to buy!)

    So thats why I was thinking of getting the steady or clutch, so that i could get the matinee in berry or midnight or something.
  9. I vote for the steady. Gorgeous!
  10. I have this color in the No Strings Satchel, the leather is lovely and smooshy so I'd vote for the No Strings Satchel!
  11. I'd go for the Matinee.
  12. I'll be odd one and vote for the Clutch since you like the Matinee in other colors you can get those later. I'm not a fan of the Steady bag so no vote for that and between the clutch and the satchel I think the color combo looks very classy on the clutch so go for the clutch! :flowers:
  13. I love the Matinee, but vote for the No Strings since you like the Matinee in other colors. I think this color combo is gorgeous btw!
  14. I would vote steady! =) That color in the steady really is catchy and I am really craving it right now!
  15. I love the steady in that color....then get a matinee in another color :smile: