I Have A Code For $10 Off A $25 Purchase From Origins Online I Don't Need

  1. For my birthday today, Origins emailed to me a code for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more that is valid through February 28th. Since I don't plan to use it, I will gladly give it to the first person to PM me. Please post on this thread when/if you do so in order that I don't receive multiple requests. Thanks so much!
  2. Oh nice! I can finally try that paradise found body glow everyone's raving about. =) PMed you
  3. Another happy member!
  4. Enjoy!!
  5. Didn't work for me. =( Oh wells. Thanks anyways!

  6. That's strange. Hmmm....it could be because it has to match up with my email address. I'm sorry...usually they are transferable.