I have a Coach question ladies!!

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  1. Last winter I bought the white ski hobo with rabbit fur, and used it about 10-20 times, was in a dustbag in my closet the rest of the time. It's fur has yellowed so much that I can not wear it. Is there anything that I can do? I paid full price for it, I think $398, or $358, but have no proof of purchase!

    Is there anything that they will do for me?

    Here's a pic...

  2. do you have a picture?
  3. I would bring it back to Coach
  4. Definitely take it into the store. Was it by a heating vent or a heat source?
  5. No heat exposure, it was on a shelf in my closet. I guess I will do that, but I was hoping that I could just call. Thanks guys!
  6. I would call first to ask about their policy before taking the trip to Coach.

    Good luck...