I Have A Chanel Addiction..lol

  1. So Im totally OUT OF CONTROL ...ROFL..I just ordered for Sat overnight delivery..The black Expandable flap ...AND the Cotton Club trifold wallet in Perle...OMG........I can NOT BELEIVE how many Chanels I have purchased this year..heehee....Is there a support group..or what???:wtf: ..I thought Prada was my biggest enemy..NOW Chanel has me BAD!!!LOLOL!:push: :shrugs: :wlae:
  2. congrats!
    what does this wallet look like?
  3. well we love to see everything you get, so don't think we're gonna stop you!:p
    congrats on the black expandable, did you already get your beige one, and i missed it?:shrugs:
    i want to see the wallet too!
  4. yeah, you should share the list of everything you've purchased this year thus far.
  5. Well you are in the right place for a Chanel addiction!:yes:

    How many Chanels do you have now then?
  6. LOL..I lost count of how many Chanels I now have..ugh.I am waitlisted at Saks FOR THE BEIGE EXPANDABLE ..it hasnt come in yet though.Also Waitlisted for Denim Cabas AND the rOCK AND CHAIN...OMG!

    So basically..I still have 3 more Chanels to buy ..OY!
  7. Ill post pics tomorrow..Hopefully Ill get it on time with FEDEX..we are having a lovely ICE STORM right now..Wish I was back on the beach in Aruba..heehee

    Let me see..My most recent Chanel purchases JUST this month... are:
    Black trifold wallet
    Soft and chain Black/Beige
    Soft and Chain Pochette

    Other faves I own...Teal and Black baby Cabas bags.....My all time fave Chanels
  8. Nice!!! You've done some pretty good damage in a short amount of time.:choochoo:
  9. ^I know.....Im soooooooooooooooooo BAD lately...LOL.I feel as if I need a shopping intervention..HAHAHA!
  10. Jill, I think you're misbehaving. LOL Did you buy anything on your trip?

    I have bought 3 Chanels in 3 months and I think I'm overboard and need to behave.

    You can forget a support group. We're not going to help you STOP buying anything. You know we're all enablers here. That's why we all come here. LOL
  11. my goodness what a great chanel year !!

    i cant wait to see your new goodies :biggrin:
  12. oooo the trifold wallet sounds GOOD!! :yes: cant wait for pics!!! :love:

    Im so glad to know im not the only Chanel addict here. lol
  13. That is a very nice bag Jill. I have admired it for a long time.
  14. Repeat after me..I will not buy a Chanel...lololol!!! Jill, I love that you have such a 'problem'. I think each one of us lives vicariously through your closet!! Make sure to post pix...
  15. I say, if you can afford it, enjoy!!!:yes: