I Have a Chance to Work At Louis Vuitton!!

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  1. 1 year ago one of my moms friend asked me if i had a job.. at that time i worked at my uncles dental lab making fake teeth:rolleyes: lol.. I always wanted to work even at a young age. I stared my first job at my local MC Donald's. I was only 14, i actually applied for the job 2 days after my 13th birthday lol. Now I am 18. Anyway my moms friend abby asked me if I wanted to work at L'occitane at Garden State Mall in NJ. I said yes, and started working there the next week.. I loved it since it was in a mall, and i loved going to the mall. Currently I work at L'occitane and my uncles lab, both jobs part time. I also go to PCC college. So you could see i very busy.:sweatdrop: Anyway this lady Susan that works with me at L'occitane has a friend that works at LV, and she said that her friend would like me to work at LV since she knows I am a very good worker at L'occitane. I actually made the record sales in 6 months.:yahoo: Omg I cant believe it, she offered me to work at LV at garden state mall. I don't know what to do. Its soo overwhelming.. I have to quit one job, maybe the Lab or even both the Lab and L'occitane. Then work at LV:drool:, Omg sounds like dream.. Should i accept the offer..
  2. that is so cool!! congrats!
  3. You're 18? Your profile says your 37...:confused1:
  4. YES!!! take it. and since they know you are a good worker ,if it doesnt work out at LV you will have other jobs. its a win-win situation. Feel very good about your self. Congrats.
  5. LOL I am not 37, is there a way to change that.. usually when i sign up for something i just put a random year around the 1960's lol..
  6. I would take the LV job.
  7. You don't look 18 in your pic w/ the Stephen.. was that you?
  8. I would definately take the job if i were you.
  9. That was me i swear.. I always looked older than i really i am..:yes:
  10. Yes I would take the job, you may never get this oppertunity again
  11. If it's something you'd like to do go for it, I personally wouldn't work at LV it would spoil the magic for me.
  12. I think you should, it would be a great opportunity to work with something you love!
  13. Wow lucky you! If you really want to, do it! It could turn out to be a great experience:smile:
  14. go for it.:happydance:. congrats
  15. i think only you will know for sure if this is what you want and by the sound of your post, you seem super excited to have this opportunity...so go for it. :nuts:
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