I have a chance to buy the large leather Cabas or should I get the GST?

  1. Apparently there have been a few returns of the original LARGE Coco Cabas in leather. The SA called to tell me that one has been returned, and back in the store, but not available for sale at the moment... but probably will be available for me. (Someone on the list before me?) The newer smaller cruise Cabas is also in the stores. I went to look at all of them.

    They don't really suit me. Out of all the Cabas I tried, the original large one is the best for me. I'm tall and although they are kind of sloppy looking, the balance is better than the newer, smaller and quite full looking Cabas cruise bag.

    Here's the thing! The Fall large cabas is a return and I think it's been a bit used. I saw one or two scratches on the outside. The SA said those weren't scratches, but rather, the leather is distressed to look like that. I don't believe her... or should I? They sure look like small scratches. Something about a bag that has been worn (even once or twice) by someone else kind of bothers me, since I am paying full price.

    In any case, I think the GST... which I have been deliberating over for 2 weeks now, may be the better choice for me.

    I think it's hard to pull off the look of a Cabas.

    Please tell me what you think. I would love to hear everyone's opinions.
  2. I am torn between which I like better.

    HOWEVER.. I know the distressed leather is nice and soft (as in the Coco Cabas). I choose the GST over that. It has that more tailored look and you can't go wrong with the caviar leather ever looking worn out or scratched, KWIM??
    I'm also picky about paying Full price for a returned product... I like things BRAND NEW.. At least if I can help it.

    I vote for the GST.

    What color is the coco cabas, anywhoo?

    good luck!
  3. I'm partial to the CABAS.
  4. You sound like you dont like the CABAS at all..so get the other one..If you doubt it now..you will just doubt it later too..
  5. I prefer the GST and I prefer caviar leather over distressed leather.
    But, of course, it's a personal decision.
    Because you're tall, you can probably get away with either one size-wise.
  6. The GST is a great bag but it is very rigid. If you prefer a bag that is soft and mallable under the arm then the GST is not a good choice. It can feel awkward on the shoulder and I push it behind me for that reason.
  7. It sounds to me too that you kind of already know which one is better for you.
    The GST is rigid, it's very structured, but I actually find it comfortable.
    But if you like the softness of the cabas but the size of the GST, there's A LOT of other choices ya know.;)
    The Vintage Ligne tote that I just got or a M/C tote, or even a Cloudy Bundle fits the bill.
    Just some food for thought.:popcorn:
  8. Black. Although the distressed leather made it look like a grayish-black.
    Me too. The distressed leather is definitely not my favourite when it comes in black. The other colours look better.
    That's exactly why I like the feel of the Cabas. It's soft and flexible and I can stuff all kinds of things into it.
    I like the size of the original really large Cabas... and I love its softness. The GST is a bit small for everything I carry. I just don't like the leather and the sloppiness of the Cabas, otherwise I like everything else.

    I like the look of the rigid GST but it feels so stiff under my arm, even when I push it back. And of course, the leather is nicer.

    I guess I'm going to have to keep looking... although I may just buy the GST because it is a classic and I haven't bought a new purse in a year and I really want a new purse.

    Thanks for the answers, everyone.:smile:
  9. Maybe you should try on the Luxury tote and Cloudy Bundle north/south tote to get a feel for those in comparison to the GST and Cabas. The Luxury will be a timeless classic, and while the CB is more trendy Chanel, it is still less trendy than the Cabas IMO.
  10. I remember trying the Luxury tote a month or two ago, and for some reason, decided against it. I remember thinking it wasn't perfect enough. I wish it were still around so I could re-try it. I wonder if it will come back next fall, or better yet, in the spring, because now I'm thinking it IS close to perfect.

  11. Does anyone have pics of the GST and it's retail, please?:flowers: Thanxs a cloudy Bundle!:lol:
  12. Yes I second sonyaphi. I would love to see a picture of this coveted GST. Also, does anyone know how the cabas fits under your shoulder. I like bags that sit on my shoulder but the cabas's drop looks really small/tight (kind of like those bags that you put on your shoulder and they slowly creep their way down to your wrist, very annoying). So the bottom line is, can it fit under the shoulder comfortably? Thanks!!
  13. Here's my GST, black with silver h/w.
    GSTShoulder2.JPG GSTArm.JPG
  14. Here it is without me. Pics are with flash so the black looks washed out. It's not; it's as dark as the pics of me modeling it.
    GSTFront.JPG GSTBack.JPG
  15. I'd pass the Cabas...if those little scratches bother you,if you get it,you'll always be staring at them!!:yes: I know because i do the same...if something bothers me,i keep thinking about it...:shrugs: :flowers: