I have a chance to buy from Paris LV-TONS of questions!!!***************

  1. I don't know if this will be scooted to shopping, but anyways- I have a chance for a friend to stop by the Louis Vuitton in Paris and pick some things up for me! She's going in July and can lug my stuff with her back to me in August. I'm not worried about her losing or ruining the items, she's very cautious- I'm just super curious as to what will happen once she leaves France to go to Spain and then to Australia and then back to Alaska (yeah- I know, she's a world traveler and I so envy her!!!)

    What's the benefit of her just mailing it out from France to me? What are the consequences of her just taking it with her throughout her trip?

    I need advice because I'm willing to pay for her ticket from Barcelona to Paris ($150 RT) in order for her to get me what I want (haha! still don't know- just know I want SOMETHING!) so, yeah- she's originating in Barcelona and can make a trip JUST FOR ME to Paris to pick up something---- but is it all worth it??? I've NEVER been to Europe and as most of you know- NEVER even been to an LV boutique!!! Am I just way better off ordering over the phone from any LV in America or is it worth buying in Paris with the price difference? Is the price difference significant and worth it?

    SORRY- soo soo sorry for the ton of questions--- I just gotta know and THANKS SO MUCH for the help!!!!
  2. oh i think it is SO WORTH it. a couple summers ago, my family and i went to paris and we scooped up a few LV. with the VAT return, it was a steal to me.
  3. oook! sounds like you came out on top! What did you get?
  4. If the price difference is cheaper in Paris your proably spending the same if your paying for her ticket and maybe packaging costs? im not sure! I would love to get something from the store too!
  5. my mom got a keepall 45. i bought mc trouville, mc wapity, and cabas piano.

  6. :nuts: Awesome!!! I just want her to pick up something--- perhaps something MC-----maybe a RITA!

  7. That's what I'm saying!~ I don't know what the deal is and I know some of you have bought from Paris LV and can share your experience with the rest of us!
  8. how exciting!!! make sure she takes her passport with her so that the SA can fill out the VAT refund paperwork. i'm not sure how much percent you can get back (i believe it was either 12 or 16% this was about 2 years ago lol), but the retail price (which includes the VAT) alone was cheaper than US retail prices.
  9. ^--- good news! I'll be sure to let her know!!
  10. yeah hopefully someone who has been there more recently than me can elaborate more. i don't want to give you outdated info :smile:
  11. if you end up spending the same, then DEFINITELY gor for the paris!!!!!
    get a ton of stuffff!
  12. Maybe it's cheaper for her to get it in Spain instead? I suppose she could still get the tax back. I'm not sure how much cheaper LV is in Paris compared to Spain though. Just a thought! :flowers: Of course if you are going to buy a ton of stuff, then it should be cheaper for you to pay the plane ticket!
  13. Sounds to me like you should think of making a trip, you would have so much fun visiting an LV store if you can make it sometime :smile: .. I think if there's a way to get them back to the US from Paris may be best, but just my thinking she may run into snags at customs in any of those other countries wondering why she's traveling around with the extra bags lol but never tried that, I'm sure someone here has. Wow sounds so excititng maybe she can find you something really special too that is not even available in the US yet!
  14. If she's carrying a lot of bags with her, she'll probably have to pay a lot of money in customs...
  15. Hi Frozen-Alaska, how exciting for u! LV, chanel, etc are less expensive in france compared to US retail, but one caveat, since ur friend is shipping the bags back to u, I don't know if they will qualify for VAT refund (maybe someone knows?) but I though u had to physically carry it home w/ u. Also, there is a limit as to how much a person can spend and still get VAT taxes back, i.e. not over $800 per person, etc (don't remember exact amount).

    Also it may be expensive to ship overseas w/ customs fees etc. so u may not end up saving too much $$ if at all. Also, make sure to find out return/exchange policy w/ foreign bought items in case u change ur mind.

    Don't want to put a damper on ur joy, just give u some info, u should go urself w/ the plane ticket $$, :p as there's nothing better than the experience of shopping first hand in Paris! Happy shopping!