I have a Cartier classic trinity but want the xl model

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  1. I have the Cartier classic size trinity ring. I have wanted the XL size because I love the thickness and would want to wear it on my middle finger. Is it crazy to want both sizes to change it up? I see many women wearing more than one love bracelet and ring but mostly because it's mixed colors. But has anyone invested in more than one Trinity ring just based on the size/thickness?
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  2. I saw a girl Shopping recently stacking trinity rings of different sizes with an eternity band in the middle. It looked pretty cool actually if you like it then go for it!
  3. Yes I truly love it. My hubby gave me the classic size last year and I wear it sometimes stacked with my love ring and sometimes I will wear it on my index finger. But I just loved the thick xl size and wanted it very much. I had only been on the fence about it because I had the classic size and wondered if the difference between the two would warrant getting another one. I do like the idea of stacking the different widths together. Thank you so much for helping me feel better about my decision to get it.
  4. I have three that I stack! It is quite awesome and becomes a new look... These are almost 10 years old! Go for it as long as you love it! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463936179.732491.jpg
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  5. That looks amazing!!!
  6. Wow that looks great.
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  8. I love it!! Just curious, did you get all three in the same size? I am thinking about adding another set of trinity ring on my existing one too, but I can't decide if I should go up a size or not.... My hands are not my normal size since I still have 30 pounds to lose.... I'm worried if I do lose the weight the second set Wld be too big for me if I go up a size. Yours look perfect together btw. Just curious if you get the same size for all three of them. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks!!! Actually the two on the outside are size 62, the middle is 63. I find that to stack you have to wear at least a half size (to a full size) bigger than your normal size. If you might lose weight, and your current one doesn't fit tight, you might be OK purchasing the same size. I don't like wearing any rings tight so it is best to try on the second with the first in store. If stacking two, I would ideally purchase both a little bigger and both the same size. I stack a lot of rings and this is what I have learned. Hope that helps!
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  10. Yes it does, thank you!! I am going to wait till I lose the baby weight before deciding. I just remember pre baby all my rings were a bit loose, and I bought the trinity ring after the baby, so this size (52) might already be too big for me in the future. Since trinity cannot be resized I want to make sure it's going to be the right size for years to come... I wasn't too sure if I wanted to stack it, or get a diamond eternal band but your modeling pix just convinced me!