I have a Carly leather...I'm not sure if I LOVE it...

  1. I have the medium in black leather and let me say after I put stuff in it..it slouches plus does not look as big. I bought the large carly signature saddle and love the size and when I put stuff in it also it pulls together and does not look as big. Maybe try it with some of your items you would usually carry first.
  2. Could you exchange the Carly for the medium size? I agree... it is very big. :smile:
  3. I don't think the medium would be big enough for work...I have to carry a lot of files with me to and fro, and they can't be all squished up.

    I think my problem is that I NEED a big bag, but I don't like any big bags.:shrugs: it's rough being me:p
  4. i think it looks awkward and kinda big....
  5. I agree. It just looks too big.
  6. put everything that you would need to take to work in the bag. it should slouch and not be so big looking

    i have the large and i am a small person and it doesnt look so HUGE on me because its my school bag.
  7. I have the large Carly and I love it, but I am someone who likes big bags. I think if you have to carry files you might like a tote style better. I do love the other bag you posted too.
  8. The bag is beautiful but if you are not comfortable with it then you should return it for something you know you will love. That tote is really cute and would probably hold all your stuff nicely.
  9. I love bigger bags, I think the carly looks great in the big size.
  10. Is that leather or canvas???
  11. I have the large leather, and I love it, but.....I LOVE big bags!!!! Don't keep it if you are not "in love" with it. That parchment sure is pretty, though!!!:love:
  12. i vote the slim tote all the way!!!
    the carly really does look too big and unstructured....i know thats the look, but just my opinion:yes:
  13. I used to hate big bags too because they looked so overwhelming.. but with a nice pair of heels it's doable. I'd say keep it for a few days and see if it grows on you - if not you can always send it back!
  14. thanks everyone!

    i think i'm going to give it up...and maybe look at either the hampton tote or maybe get an ali (and give back my legacy shoulder).