I have a bone to pick with LV!

  1. I am in love with Louis Vuitton, but i have a problem with my newest wallet.

    I got the denim zippy wallet not too long ago, and the zipper is VERY tarnished its like a gross black. all of my other LV zippers have kept their beautiful gold color. What do I do? Personally, i would like a new wallet because i love looking in my bag and seeing that beautiful gold color.

    Am i overreacting?
  2. I think it would be just fine if you went to lv to tell about your wallet.
  3. I would take it back, sounds defective to me.
  4. That shouldn't happen!
  5. i would take it back.
  6. Yup, I think you should go in and see what they can do about it. Please keep us updated. ;)
  7. take it back and ask them what they can do about it, sounds defective to me.
  8. idk when im going to get to LV and one of my complaints is how new it is so im afraid it will take so long for me to get there they can try to charge me for repair.. i would reall appreciate a new wallet the ame day i go in.. this may be unreasonable but i dont fell that a $635 wallet should become worn in a month
  9. take it back
  10. hi!!!! long time no see~~~ how've you been?!!!

    i am so sorry hear about your wallet, and you should def take it back! tell them what you just told us! :yes::heart:

    if they don't do anything about it....call me, i'll call them!! lol:tup:
  11. Thank you soo much Sophia618, will do.. lol!
  12. take it back
  13. my black miu miu coffer is doing something similar, but i've had it/used it for quite some time. had i got it at a boutique, i would definitely take it back, but i got it at Saks and they don't have another one. plus, i'll move on to other bags soon enough...

    that said, lv will be able to find you one and have it sent to you. if you have everything, try your best to take it back. i don't think they'd have a problem with it.
  14. I am of the same mind. To echo what others have said, I would take it back. This is not the quality that we expect when purchasing an LV piece. Good luck to you!
  15. Definitely, go back & they will sort it for you!