I have a bleeker question!

  1. Ok, I searched threads and yet I still cant seem to find exactly the answer to my question lol.

    I really would like a sling bag, leather. some of the bleeker bags look like they could be swing bags (across body), is this true and what is the item number/dimenstions.

    I am confused on if the duffle flap can be used as a across body bag, with an adjustable strap.

    I would love something about the size of the leather hippie they had last year or a little bigger. def. bigger than the small swing packs they have on the site now.

    any help would be great.

  2. You should check out the new catalog that someone so nicely posted. I think I recall some of the models were wearing some of the Bleeckers across their bodies.
  3. yeah I looked at that thread, but the ones the models had across their bodies were not a sling bag. it was wayy to short to be one IMO, and they also didnt look like the bag with the pocket in the front, which is what I think its a crossbody bag or a duffle with the long adjustable strap
  4. Is it the Bleecker leather flap?? The strap on that one looks long. I think someone here may have that bag????
  5. I THINK thats what it is, I just need to know the measurments and if the bag has the long adjustable strap. Its so hard to tell from pics, and nobody has really said LOL. I really want it if it can be used a sling bag and its not tiny.

  6. The Bleeker Leather Flap No. 11428 or Bleeker Signature Flap No. 11436 has an adjustable cross body strap. It can be worn on the shoulder regular size or accross the body. My SA told me that the inside pocket comes with an instruction card that explains how to adjust the strap and wear it cross body. This is a great bag!
    Good luck on deciding on the leather or the signature version.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. thanks so much!! the leather looks alot smaller than the other. I am not so sure I like the siggy one
  8. The leather version is a bit smaller and is 9" length by 10" height by 1 1/2 inches in width. The signature version is 9 1/2 " by 12" height by 2" width.
  9. thank you so much for your help!!!
  10. The Bleeker Leather duffle flap will not be available to order from Coach until October 1st.
  11. My bleeker is not so adjustable and the length is about a 14 inch drop. The catalog # is 11419 and here are some pics. I am 5'8' and we will not go into the weight. LOL

  12. Girl, you are rocking that bag! It looks great on you!
  13. after all this I decided to go with the mag. ergo buckle tote:woohoo: I will post pics tomorrow, I ordered online with overnight shipping since I just ran out of the perfume and needed that too :yes:

    I also got a scarf to go with it:cutesy:

    anyone know if they are coming out with lotion? I read a long time ago they were, but I have yet to see it online and my store people are over an hour away and mean:nogood:
  14. Thanks Liz and I missed out on the Ali so I think this one will fill in nicely. I still have to try the inside out with my contents yet.

    Congratulations on your ergo choice and I am sure you will be happy with it. There are so many nice handbags to pick from and I am glad you decided.
  15. what a great bag!