I Have A Black First In My Cart

  1. I dont know what to do I found a black first on Bluefly.com and it's in my cart and i have a 10% code- BUT L U C K Y rewards site seems to be down!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO? with the extra 10% and the L U C K Y rebate it will come out to 660- thats really good for a first isnt it?? :s what should i do?? THANKS
  2. Hi! That's a great deal. I am not sure how much the Lucky rebate would be, but I would purchase it with the 10% discount from Bluefly if the Lucky website does not work in the next half hour. Good luck!
  3. it would be 716.40 without lucky!!! thats 56.40 i think thats a lot- why is lucky not working??? is it not working for everyone else?? AHHHHHH
  4. that is a really good price. you should buy it and try to get the fifty dollar difference later. i'd regret it if i didn't.
  5. How do you get all those crazy coupons/discounts?
  6. OK im so excited- I used my Dad's PDA through the whole thanksgiving dinner to keep the first in my cart at bluefly and now im waiting for midnight when luckyrewards will be more- I hope-
    Lauren- I have 10% off code for playing the game they have now and then lucky rewards gives another 7% back for bluefly and im hoping even more for black friday!! I'll wait and see at 12:01!
  7. woo hoo i did it! 10% and 11% lucky reward!! for a grand total of 637.60 after rebate- now lets hope the leather is nice!!
  8. ^ holy moly, what a steal!
  9. wow!