I have a big problem :(

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  1. Ok,
    So I'm 16 year old guy, and I have my own money (I work and stuff).
    I was interested in LV's for about 2 years now, but only bought my first one last month (Damier Small Agenda).
    My dad didn't really know that I was buying it, but wasn't upset or something either.
    Problem is ever since he thinks it's really "flashy" and "pathetic" to "worship", read and be interested in these kind of stuff, coz it's just a brand.

    I really want that my birthday present from will be an LV, and he would get it for me if I really ask him to, but I want him to feel good about it, he doesn't really get why I'm into LV.

    He thinks that people wouldn't liking me carrying LV, because he says it's kinda snobish/to be arrogant carrying it.

    What do you think I should tell him to change his mindset?
    I told him it could have been easier for me to just ask money from him and buy whatever I want, but I wanna share it with him, and I don't feel comfortable doing it if he feels that way about these kind of stuff.

    What do you think TPF'ers? :smile:
  2. My parents hate LV too - my Mum said that she thought the mono canvas looked cheap and tacky, but she liked Epi I think (or she said she did) - you could always show him that LV makes stuff that isn't flashy eg. Epi or Taiga.

    But to be honest, I don't think it really matters that he doesn't like it. Not everyone gets it, my parents certainly don't. As long as you like it that's all that matters. I would ask him to not be so rude towards you though if he is indeed calling you "flashy" and "pathetic", just because you have differing tastes doesn't mean you should insult people (even if they are your own children!)
  3. I agree with Tefhel that it should only matter that it makes you happy. Many people do not understand our love for designer bags but if they love us, they will support our love. JMHO.
  4. You're absolutely right, and my dad said he will support me and stuff.
    The problem is that I can see by his reactions that he's not REALLY supportive and excited to talk about it.

    Thanks for your help! Would love to get some more.

    BTW, do you think I should take him with me to the store or just go with a friend?
  5. My parents think im crazy! In a loving way of course, but still. They dont care about designer brands or anything like that, they're very simple and they have worked very hard their whole lives to get where they are now. I just tell them that i work hard, i pay my bills and every once in a while its nice to splurge on something that makes me feel good.
    They'll never understand why i have to have LV or any other designer good, but they don't say anything as long as i don't spend beyond my means.
    Some people will never understand, but that's okay as long as they can understand that it is something that is important to you.
    I dont agree with him calling it pathetic or flashy at all, but i can understand that people who don't care about designer labels probably don't react well to such purchases.
    Maybe you just need to explain to him that you have a level head, you will take care of your priorities and that when you have extra money, you want to spend it on something that makes you happy.
    I wish you the best of luck, and if things don't come around you'll always have tpfers to share your purchases with :biggrin:
  6. i'd just go with a friend. I love my mom and my mom loves and supports me, but i wouldnt go to the store with her because i feel uncomfortable dropping that kind of money when shes with me. I feel like shes secretly judging me lol even though shes not, it just makes for an uncomfortable experience lol
  7. Thanks christian'sgirl!
    You've been really helpful !!! :biggrin:

  8. lol, ITA. When i first showed my mum the world of LV she said the same thing about mono, damier and epi the only LV's she liked were vernis and suhali. NOW is a different story :graucho: she has started to like mono and loves her epi bag she just had to get used to the idea and i think your dad is the same, go to LV with a friend who also likes LV or atleast wont make you feel bad and enjoy
  9. np hun!:P good luck! :biggrin:
  10. I think you should just go with a friend. If he isnt into it, I wouldn't force it upon him.

  11. If I were you I would go with a friend as well. You could go with your dad, but he might just end up looking bored, moaning and you'll feel like you're imposing upon him - that doesn't make for a fun shopping experience (yes this has happened to me before!)
  12. My mom has told me before that she doesn't like LV (except she loves the Pomme Vernis, but still wouldn't spend that kind of money), but she understands that I love it and she knows that I take REALLY good care of all of my stuff. Just show your parents how responsible you are and they might be more keen on the idea of buying you LV for your birthday. And when it comes to going to the store, I just go by myself so I don't have to worry about anyone else's opinions getting in the way of my Vuitton :smile:
  13. I don't have any advice for you - but I wanna tell you a heads up, and i love how you stick to what you truly like, and how you care about what your family says!! You are a good person, and I know everything will work out for you :smile:
  14. It was actually my Mom that got me into LV (along with my 2 sisters) and my Dad never really understood why we splurged on really expensive items. But he knew that it made us happy and that was that, he didn't get involved.

  15. WOW!! that was like really inspiring!! :nuts:

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