I have a big favor to ask

  1. I plan to get a MC pouchette in black for my BDay and I would like to have the option to wear it messenger style when needed - so I want to buy a vachetta strap.
    So here's the big favour : If someone has the 2 of them: any pouchette (since I think they have similar hardware) and the vachetta strap , pretty please, could let me know it the 2 are compatible so I eventually could attach the strap to my MC pouchette? Thanks soooo much and have a great week everybody !
  2. yes, the leather strap can be attached to the pochette:yes:
  3. Thanks so much my Montrealer fellow

    P.S What are you doing up so late??? I'm off to ZZZZZ
  4. thats not a big favor at all!!!
    the pochette looks great with the long strap!
  5. my friend wears hers with the long strap and it looks cute.
  6. I really want to see the pics...
  7. I also got a MC Pochette in Black and I also wear it as a messenger style more often than a pochette. It's great! I bought an adjustable shoulder strap for 75 pounds last year and they are another kind of strap which couldn't adjust the length and it's cheaper.
  8. Yep, I have a messenger strap for my pochette as well.. I rarely wear it like that tho, it's very European and I am too uncultured !
  9. I've seen someone wear it like that messenger style and it looked nice.
  10. The Sophie has a long strap and the body of the Sophie is similar....the Sophie rocks with the long strap! I guess if I wanted to I could use my Sophie long strap on my pochette. I'll try that some day.