I have a bag on hold.. what do you think....

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  1. It looks like a cerf w/ chains like a classic flap in black glossy/patent CAVIAR. I love it, but don't know if I need another bag. I also feel 2200+ is too much to pay for it, but it is soooo pretty!!!
  2. From the Diamond Shine line? Sounds very interesting, but would not be practical for me... (Well, I have about four bags on reserve that have yet to arrive in stores...so I have to say no to something...)

    Would love to see a pic!
  3. Is this from the diamond shine line? What color is it?
  4. also interested! Is it from the DS Ligne and is it big like the Cerf?
    Is it like the Red Ombre I posted in my F/W thread?
  5. Its a black diamond shine.... the smaller of the two totes... but it isnt gradient like the red one (which hasn't come in yet)
  6. Oooh, I bet it's gorgeous!!!
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