I have a ? about color requests and sales?

  1. I called my SA to ask about certain colors and to modify my list a bit. I thought because of Spring and Summer more vibrant colors would come in, so I gave it a shot. She about flipped when I started talking about brighter colored leathers. She made a point of telling me you have a great chance of getting a brighter colored bag out of this boutique. Most women do not want something like that. What I think she was saying was...you are not of the ultra rich circle around here honey...what mold are from? Hee hee

    Anyway, what I wanted to know from all of you was...have you been told by your SA that certain colors sell more or that certain ones that Hermes offers do not sell at all in your region or area?

    Obviously in Palm Beach it is more conservative. Love to hear what you all have to say.
  2. I've always heard that black/brown are more in demand because "most" people (hehe...not us!) would buy only one Hermes bag so they would want it in a neutral color that goes with everything.:smile:
  3. I suppose people do think neutral bags to go with everything and that was my initial thought...to go black. Then, I slowly went to a color, then to a color that slants toward neutral (like rouge), but the more I spent on the forum I thought the colors are really the beauty of Hermes. Right about now I love many of the bold colors and think I can get a neutral later.

    I just wondered if anyone has heard certain colors don't sell at all in certain areas.
  4. I think it's a little regional, but most people are still going to request black or brown because they think it's more usable. I think colored bags actually show up better with black and brown clothing. Like, my Rouge H Trim is gorgeous with black clothing, when most people might normally reach for a black bag. And the Potiron is amazing with browns and, actually most everything.

    Suprisingly, the Potiron is a more usable color for ME than the Rouge.
    Part of the Hermes magic IS their color palate.

    Now, I don't actually think your SA was saying anything about your social standing when you asked about bright colors. Just, that many people play it safe when they buy a Birkin because it may very well be their only one. :smile:
  5. I remember hearing or reading somewhere that in the Miami area, color preferences are Vert Anis, Vert Cru, Orange, and all those sorbet colors! In the SF Bay Area, customers tend to go for the more subdued colors.
  6. I was told in most Hermes stores customers prefer neutral colors, specifically black and gold. Those are the two most popular choices. Since people would want a birkin to go with everything and be "classic".
  7. Several years ago, I was told the wait for the more unusual colors might be shorter and that color choice would reflect the person's style. But I know for sure it wasn't meant as a put down. He just wanted to be sure that I loved my choice. I actually think the SA's admire bold choices.
  8. The most requested color around the world for a birkin is actually, like all of you said, BLACK!! ;) The next color that comes in line is BLUE JEAN, GOLD, and then ORANGE/POTIRON! These are the classic colors of Hermes, which is why they are so highly sought after.

    Kellybag, you are right. It is actually easier to obtain a brighter colored bag because most people are not on the list for one. However, you are also in competition with many VIPs because they always want the newest color on the block. I guess it's a toss in the air -- but you can always give it a try! Good luck!! :amuse:
  9. I posted this on another thread. I live in NYC and black is a color that goes most quickly, according to the SA. The colored bags stay on the shelf longer.

    Kellybag, I notice a certain trend in NYC, the younger customers go for the brighter colors. The older (40+) customers carry the more classic colors, and they are the ones with the greater buying power, IMO. The problem with buying the colored bags is certain colors are retired after a few years, and then your bag will look dated.
  10. Is Vert Anis a dated color? I see it all over Ebay. :flowers:
  11. No, it's a current color.
  12. Will it become dated?
  13. Hi, wanted to get your opinions on chartreuse...specifically 37 clemence bolide in chartreuse. I tried it in the store and it looks great but I am not sure if this is a color that I can carry for years and years to come. Does anyone have chartreuse and how do they like it?
  14. I am wondering too about chartreuse.:wondering
  15. I don't have it but I prefer it to Vert Anis. It's a calm green and beautiful! I saw the same bag in a 31 Bolide. Drool!

    Just get what you love and carry it with pride. :smile: