I have a 7FAM and COH wide leg question

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  1. I have the NYD wide leg Dojo and COH Faye. This was a lapse of judgement and more of a fashion thing, but wide leg jeans do not look good on me. Therefore, I want to have them tapered to be much narrower, more like a bootcut. I don't think it would really look that weird with the COH but because everyone knows that dojos are wide leg, do you think it would be weird to see someone (me) wearing bootcut dojos?

    Gosh this is confusing...sorry, but I hope you can give me opinions before I have them altered.
  2. I love COH Faye. leave them as is lol!
  3. I forgot to add, I am 5'3'' and do not wear heels on a daily basis. Wide legs jeans do my body no justice; they make me look short and about 5lbs heavier.

    That said I love the fayes too!
  4. I think you do have to be taller to wear this style. I'm 5'6" and have to wear platforms or heels to carry off this look. Just think, you would be the only one with that style in a boot cut...
  5. ^haha, thats not a bad way of thinking about it. I'm unique!
  6. I'm only 5'2 (not "skinny" by any means, more like curvy) and I have the wide leg Dojos too. I think they look really cute, I usually wear wedges with them too since I like the height, but I wear them with flats as well.
    I don't know that I'd have them tapered though, it seems like it may be a little odd. That's just me though.
  7. ^ I feel you Rebecca, thats why I know I'm going to get the COH altered because they all have the same pockets and what not, but I'm just not sure about the Dojos.
  8. just fold the bottom of the fayes (not too much just to make it like a contrasting cuff)...looks cute with flats that way.
  9. I wouldn't mess with them. I think if you start messing with the leg width you may end up with a look you may not like. I say sell them on ebay and try to get some $$ to buy what you want. These styles are known for their pockets (7's) and COH have the dart in the back. JMO.
  10. I think I am going to go ahead and sell the dojos...darn, I half liked them.:P
  11. i think if you take them to a good tailor, you will be fine. but psychologically if you feel that you aren't going to like them or you are going to feel weird wearing them, just sell them... they would end up not getting worn anyway, and altered jeans are much more difficult to sell.
  12. ^ Very true although I have already encountered this problem because all my jeans have been altered to 29-20 inches.

    I tried pinning them last night too see how they would look and I think I am just going to try it. I just took about an inch out of the sides from the knees down. I don't think they will look too different.

    Thanks everyone for your help! I always need a sounding board before I do things like this.