I have 250$

  1. to spend.... What do I get
    Do I bought the chocolate Gallery tote I've been after....
    [​IMG] ]New Coach BROWN Signature Gallery Tote Bag Purse 10384[/url]
    I have the black one just like this....

    Do I wait and bid high on this

    Do I just never mind with the legacy lining and buy this ^^ bag new from coach

    Or do I go for something different like the

    NEW Coach Ergo Brown Signature Tote Bag 11292 $328

    Coach Brown Signature Ergo Hobo Bag NEW 11290


  2. I would get something different than something that you already have like a chocolate ergo tote
  3. Ergo!
  4. I would get the bag you love the most, not just the lining.. as much as I love legacy lining. :tup:

    I also vote for the ergo hobo :graucho: I just got one and I love it!
  5. I would get something rather than the gallery tote because you already owned one. I really love the Ergo line, it's very light, simple yet beautiful!!!
  6. So looks like you're wanting a chocolate bag right? hmm, since you got the gallery totes then i also suggest one of the ergos. whichever is practical for you.
  7. [​IMG]


    I like these
  8. Ergo! It looks cute and is lightweight and you don't have one yet:graucho:
  9. Wow...I am indecisive...so let me think out loud here if you will...

    Do you buy the Chocolate Gallery Tote you've been after...I think you've answered your own question didn't you...YOU'VE BEEN AFTER!!! I think the hardware on the bag is beautiful by the way...And if you already own it in Black...And LOVE it...How can you go wrong!?! You can then wear it with your browns...

    But...If your wishing to go different...I would say...I definately love the style of the Ergo Tote...I have an "off brand" bag. NOT A REPLICA of the Ergo tote. But a simular style. And I use to get TONS of compliments when I carried it. Now that I'm a Coach gal...I don't feel comfortable carrying such a cheap bag. When I have nicer ones in the closet...:rolleyes:But was thinking of getting an Ergo Tote someday for myself...Since it reminds me of the other bag I so used to love carrying~;)
  10. Ergo hobo ...the hobo is cute and would give you a little variety to your collection but if you need the room of a tote then the Ergo Tote.
  11. You know, initially I loved the ergo totes (sitting on the shelf), so I bought the large Vachetta one in the natural color. However, when I removed the packing materials and started to carry it one day, I realized I did not like the look on my shoulder. It dips kind of ugly at the bottom unless you have it majorly stuffed (my opinion here), and I don't like the look while wearing it. So I sold it and was very happy I did so. Perhaps the smaller totes are better because they are not as deep...don't know. Anyway, I recommend you try the bags without the packing materials and with your own contents (Coach SAs are more than happy to help you do this). That way you can see which one feels and looks great, and you can probably make an easier decision. I wish I had done that from the beginning, because it would have definitely saved me some disapointment!
  12. You are too funny!:smile: Personally, I would get the tote. It is so much richer looking than the Ergos. The hardware is gorgeous and the chocolate is yummy!! Yeah...that definately fits your personality!! (from what I can see in this forum anyway) :yes:
  13. I dont want anything black, I have a black gallery tote so something brown..
  14. I would go for the Ergo hobo! I think it so cute in brown!
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    Hmmm you dont make this any easier .. LOL