I have 2 buyers who are stringing me along....

  1. one told me that she was having problems with her Paypal password and that she would send me a money order/cashier's check. That was 1 1/2 weeks ago. I finally filed an NPB against her with eBay.

    The second one told me that she would overnight fedex her cashier's check 3 days ago and still nothing. She provided me with a wrong tracking number. Still no answer from her.

    The third one offered 3 best offers and I rejected them all. She tried for the 4th one but eBay only allows you to have 3 offers placed. So she emails me and ask if I would accept one last offer. I said yes. I ended the auction for her and she asked me "why". I told her since she couldn't place any other offers, I didn't want someone else to snatch it from her. She said that she would rather do business over eBay. Which to me is very reasonable. So I set up another auction just for her and she emails me back about shipping and getting it there in time for Xmas. I told her to pay me by Thursday (today) so that I can fedex it or overnight it to her. Still, no answer from her. I mean....does she want it or not? Just hit the buy it now button already! :hysteric:

    The weird thing is that all of them only have about 15-20 feedbacks but their feedbacks are all positives with others mentioning how they all paid immediately. It's all so frustrating.

    Is anyone else having a problem with a rash amount of NPBs all of a sudden? I've been ebaying for 13 years and this is the first time this has happened to me.
  2. I've had a few but I don't have the money order/cashier's check drama anymore because I take PayPal only (or wire transfer on larger items). Solves a lot of problems with people saying "oh it's in the mail".

    I have had some super slow payers (but at least they've communicated), and one or two NPBs this holiday season, but nothing terrible, thank goodness.
  3. In my auction, I stated that I will only accept Paypal but for some reason, they just assume that I take other forms of payment. It's also my fault because I don't enforce it. From now on, I am going to have to be more strict about it. But these super slow payers are killing me.....I just want to finalize the auction quickly, KWIM?

    Also, what kind of feedback do you leave for these super slow payers? A positive or a neutral?
  4. I feel your pain. I've been selling on eBay for YEARS. Many years. This has been the WORST month I've ever had with bidders not paying and others stalling to pay.

    They read the terms and know exactly what they're doing when they tell you they're "having problems with their PayPal account". They aren't having problems. Either you have the funds to pay or you don't. What's the problem? It's not difficult. Many are stalling because they simply don't have the money.

    I had a bidder email me recently telling me how badly she hoped to win one of my items. A very expensive item. She bid, won and vanished. I sent her an invoice. She kindly ignored it. I sent her three emails. Same response. 8 days later, she sends me an e-check without warning. I normally don't even accept e-checks (CLEARLY stated in my auction terms) but heck, she paid. I was happy.....until it bounced. I called her on the phone. I can not repeat here exactly what I said to her. I didn't threaten her but let's just say that the next time she even hears the word "eBay", she'll probably start ducking. :smile:
  5. Oh boy, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that this has been happening to. I had a buyer select BIN on my listing 3 days ago and she still hasn't paid :wtf:.
    I relisted the item because I am not going to sit around and wait for these zero/low feedback to take their time and pay up.
    Why hit BIN if you aren't actually going to buy it now?!? Ebayers never cease to amaze me.
  6. ^You should put "Immediate Payment Required" on all BIN listings, that way they don't have a choice.
  7. ^^ use "immediate payment required" for BINs. All my buyers are now immediate payers! :p

  8. WOOHOO!!! Good for you! It's like you want to give them the benefit of the doubt but then they always sucker punch you in the end.

  9. Too bad we can't use "immediate payment required" on BINs/BEST OFFERS. :sad: One of mine was a best offer that went back and forth with me on the price and then when we agreed upon a price, she disappeared.
  10. I've been on ebay about 11 years and ebay buyers never cease to amaze me either. Slow to pay and then wonder why the mail takes 2-3 days to arrive at their house. Sometimes I just have to take a break and walk away for a while.

  11. The funny thing is that I DID walk away from ebay for like 4-5 months.....and came back to this mess! LOL!
  12. Ebay buyers have been really flaky lately - I am very specific in all my auctions and it never amazes me why people wait until after they won an item to ask questions - if you're going to purchase something relatively expensive, wouldn't you want to know all of the information before you place a bid? So perplexing...
  13. Awe, what you have is a rare case of:

    Cronica Addictus To Punishus The Sellarus Overus EBAYUS!
    (The English translation for this is: "If I 'm really nice and follow the rules of EBAY, than hopefully some real FREAKED OUT Buyers will screw me over and over again and there is nothing I can do but watch it happen over and over again at the Holidays!"):angel:

    The sad part is, it is only going to get worse!:sad:
  14. ITA and I think the time of year has something to do with it. I think they frazzle their brains thinking "I'll buy this one" ... "no, wait on, this is a better deal" ... "no, wait on, this one ships faster" ... "no, that one has a mark on it" and meanwhile they're making offers and BINning all over the place "just in case" they decide to go with one they don't want to let get away.

    I don't sell just before Christmas. This time of year they want it shipped yesterday and they want you to guarantee it will arrive in time for Christmas. I don't need the hassle!
  15. I don't leave feedback for them at all. Like my mother always said, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." You can't leave them a positive if they've messed you around. If they've already left you a positive then you'd feel mean giving them a negative or a neutral; and if they haven't left any for you and you leave a neutral or a neg then you risk retaliatory FB. So ... I don't say anything.