i have 12 hours to decide, which? help pls!

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which bag do you prefer?

  1. Burberry Dasset leather bag

  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs e/w Jorie leather bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ok im in a bit of a predicament. after weeks of debating what bag to buy, i come to find today that the discounts i can get on these bags are set to end. yet i still have no idea which one i should get.

    im hoping you guys could help me vote on which you would get?

    its between the Burberry Dasset leather bag:


    or this Marc by Marc Jacobs e/w Jorie leather bag:


    any advice is MUCH appreciated thank yoU!! :yahoo:
  2. I voted Burberry, I really love the style of it and I think the Marc Jacobs bag has a more high maintainance color.
  3. I voted for the BB too. I like the style. And it's a all year round bag.
  4. I like the Marc Jacobs bag:tup:
  5. mj bag. very chic!
  6. i go with MJ.. that's really a cute bag!! love the MJ bag you posted!!
  7. MJ bag... makes you look sophisticated.. BB is more casual..
  8. Marc Jacobs bag - TOTALLY!!!!:yahoo:
  9. The Burberry is a beautiful color, and likely easier to maintain. However, you look so petite in the photo, that the base of the bag looks too big/wide for you.

    I think the MJ bag looks more streamlines and snazzy. You'd have to be more careful with the color keeping clean - but I think it would suit someone with a petite frame better.
  10. mj bag, the burberry one is just too bulky looking IMO
  11. The burberry is too cute!!!
  12. thanks guys! i appreciate the opinions.

    however we're now tied LOL! :P
  13. I like the Burberry one.
  14. Burberry Dasset. I like its unique shape and it looks great against you. Don't really care about the shape of Marc by Marc Jacobs and the words on the front of the bag.
  15. BB for sure! :biggrin: