I Have 1 Of The 5 Medium Carly's In Denim Ever Made!

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  1. OMG! So, I just called Coach because some people were asking me how I ordered the denim in the medium when they've been told it's not going to be made in the medium. They told me the same thing.

    I asked them how I had one then? They were like "YOu have one? Where did you order it from?" I told them through them by calling and ordering it over the phone. They said that they aren't even putting it into production in the medium. They said they made less than 5 of them and I got 1!

    WOAH I feel so special!

    Isn't that AWESOME!?!?!?!?! :nuts:

    She didn't believe me so I gave her my order number to prove it. She was like woah, that's a special handbag!
  2. wow! that IS cool! I love when I have stuff very few people have!
  3. You lucky gal, you! Enjoy that bag!
  4. Wow! You've got yourself a collector's item!

    Did they say why they aren't making the bag in medium? I think that would be a hot seller!
  5. NNNOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok, I'm happy for you, but....


    ... off to not-so-quietly sob my heart out ...
  6. helllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo eBay...

    (when you are REALLY strapped for cash that is! heheh)
  7. that is SO COOL!
    I do hope that they'll change their minds. those mediums are the perfect size!!!

    Also, the denim wristlet that you got- what is the item number and how much was it? I really want one but they are not in my store, and not online. thank you!!
  8. Haha...you guys are too funny.

    I asked them why they weren't going to make it in the medium and they said they had a big production meeting yesterday and was told that denim was only going to be made in the large for the Carly's.

    She told me to hold on to this one. I said I really love and I will.
  9. HAHA! That's what I was thinking! Make yourself a tidy profit!
  10. #40563 and it was $98.

    Let me know if that's a collectable too...hehe
  11. They have them at Dillards - I was there today and they had the pouch, the demi, the medium and the large in denim and chocolate.
  12. oh weird. maybe it is a collectable! it's not showing up on the website or the drilldown when i use the #...hmmm
  13. weird because people were saying Nordstroms and dillards carried them??
  14. Weird. Well that's be cool if it turns out you really DO have a collectible.

    ^ Yeah I remember reading that they saw the denim ones there.
  15. Yeah I saw them at my boutique as well. Weird. But congrats on your new bag!