1. Okay I cant take it anymore!!!! Ahhhhh I want a carly!!!:drool: But they havent worked out for me for some reason? What have I been doing wrong?:crybaby:

    I'm 5'5 and around 170-180 pounds... which Carly is best for me? Maybe I should get leather??? I dunnooooo :crybaby: I wish I had gotten the cotton denim one now but has anybody seen it at the outlets?? I will drive to the near states to get it dangit!!! Anyone???
  2. Oh and which outlet in the tri state area is the best? I think its time for me to go on another outlet roadtrip this week!!!
  3. ^I am on the same page. Even the cotton denim part! I still don't know why, but I think leather carlys are just too plain. I'd go siggy. I have never seen a carly at an outlet, but I'm over here in Nor-Cal, so what do I know about the tri-state area? Good luck!
  4. yeah to me the leather is so nice and supple but i feel like design wise it s missing something.. the signature, even the black and chocolate, adds more dimension to it
  5. I just went to Woodbury commons the other day but I wasn't looking for carly bags but they had a lot of really pretty new bags. They had patent leather totes, patch work bags, and lots of others. I ended up buying a black leather satchel that can fit on my shoulder. It's an older model but I think its a classic. I did not have a black leather bag. If you don't go before I go again I'll keep my eyes open for Carlys next time. Good luck.
  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new medium chocolate LEATHER Carly!!! I dont think she is plain at all!!!!! In fact, I get a zillion compliments on her daily! The bold brass hardware really stands out and the leather is so soft, yummy and chocolatey!!!! I tried MANY siggy Carly's and just didnt care for them, but loved the style of the Carly and her slouch! That is why I decided to try the leather....I have NOT looked back! I LOVE this bag! If you would like to see pics, PM me! I say try the leather.....you will NOT be sorry :tup:
  7. Have you tried the Lahaska, PA outlet? It's near New Hope PA and I don't think it's a bad drive from NYC. They have the leather stuff.:tup:
  8. i love your carly mommyville! for some reason it looks plain on me.. but everyone else over here knows how to dress it up!

    i may just go to woodbury commons again then dcooney!

    but then again, i ve never been to lahaska, is that outlet any good finecabernet?
  9. What happened to the suede carly you got? Did it not work out? I have a large signature khaki/saddle and I love the way it looks but its not the most comfortable bag for me and I find myself carrying my gallery tote all the time.
  10. I feel your pain. I literally went through probably 4-5 carly's between large and medium, khaki/saddle and khaki/ebony and chocolate... lol I prefer the medium size for me, the large is huge.. but the siggy looked sloppy to me on me when it slouched, and the large looked like a billboard.. I have never even looked at the leather carly's until mommyville got hers and even though I liked it her pics didn't make me want it lol it still looked plain and different.. well I ordered one and it came yesterday and I am head over heels! I think the leather is soo scrumptious and yummy, the chocolate color is to die for and the slouch looks beautiful instead of sloppy to ME. Try it out, it may surprise you! Oh, and as far as the plainness.. I love the hardware on it, it really adds some zing and class, without being too crazy or tacky. You can always add a charm too! :tup:
  11. I want a black or choco sig carly so bad but I can't justify the price with Xmas coming up.
  12. i completely agree, i am not usually a signature gal, but the carly in signature is getting to me - so your not alone - and for the price - not bad at all i think
  13. I've seen some denim Carly's on eBay lately. Good luck in your search!
  14. I have the large Carly in all black and the medium Carly in all Brown. I am 5'7 and I prefer the medium over the large for everyday however the large was perfect for when I travel since it fits a ton including 4 magazines. I went with the large in all black signature because IMO it was a little more understated. I like for my bags to say Coach but not scream it, but again this is just my opinion.
  15. I love the look of Carly too. But for me the problem is the medium is too small and the large is too big. I wish there was an in between size, which I know sounds silly. JMO lol