I hate when my DH is sick!

  1. I hate to be sick, who doesn't...but I would much rather be sick the deal with my whiny husband is sick....yuck!
  2. No kidding! They are big titty babies when they get sick and think the world should come to a halt cause they don't feel good. Yuck, then they get mad cause they don't feel good and act like jerks. Well, at least mine does.
  3. you made me laugh!!!:lol: and I agree!
  4. When he's feeling bad, my husband acts like nobody in the history of the world has ever been as sick as he. The sighs, the moans. Ugh! I love him dearly, so of course I baby him.
  5. uggg my husband turns into the biggest friggin ***** when he is sick.

    he's moody, cranky and downright nasty. and has no courtesy in terms of the bathroom, dirty tissues or anything else
  6. Men are the worst sick people!!

    "I'm so siiiiiiiiiickkkkk, *cough cough*, help meeeeeee, I'm hooottttt/thiiiirsty/coooolldddd. UGhhhhhhhhhhh" :Push:
  7. Actually I'm the fussy one when I'm sick lol ..for some reason I can't keep from getting cranky :S

    my husband just lays and sleeps O.o I miss him when he's sick lol cause he just doesn't talk much and tries to relax as much as he can..he doesn't even ask for much..

    Ugh but my 5 year old daughter on the other hand..woooo..fun I tell you! ;)
    She's been sick for 3 days now and I'm SO tired :'( fever-sore throat-cold etc.. but thank god she's getting much better now..