I hate waiting!!

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  1. I did a charge send from lake of ozarks (i am in florida) for a leg stripe winter scarf and I want it now! lol they should have sent it out on Sat so I should get it by thurs....it is really cold here now and would love to use it....I am going back over to the destin outlet this weekend to get some valentines day goodies and I wanna wear it!! lol sorry guys just wanted to whine......:crybaby:
  2. I know what you are talking about. I ordered my Cherry friday and it is killing me waiting for her. Luckily I have the tracking number, so I am following her every move!! Looks like i just have to wait till tomorrow to get her!!

    She will be with you before you know it!
  3. Same here with the waiting... I have a Coach bag on her way to me from JAX... should be here FRIDAY... YAY!!
  4. I'm awaiting my bag too....I'm sniffling with you both!
  5. At least you are waiting for something...I would love to be expecting a package from Coach!!!!! :P:P
  6. :hugs:
  7. I know how it feels to be waiting for a package to arrive, especially one this useful! Hope it gets there soon!