I hate waiting for people!

  1. This is truly my number one pet peeve. Right now the mobile dog groomer is over an hour late (she called a while ago) but it still bugs me. I have things to do afterall and I just feel like my life is on hold. Thanks for letting me vent. I'll at least post an after photo of my doggie when shes all done.

    I hate that too. Seriously, there's nothing that can really tick me off more than having to wait for somebody. If I ask you to be there at 7, then be there at 7. Not 7:10, not 7:30...S-E-V-E-N!!!!! :cursing:
  3. Medical appointments! Actually the "appointment" part is an oxymoron of sorts. They tell you your "appointment" is at 2:00, but you need to get there no later than 1:30. So you show up at 1:30. Check the clock, and 2:00 has come and gone: it's now 2:45 and you're still in the waiting area. But THEN they call your name and you think "FINALLY" but you get set into yet another waiting area.

    Geez, I HATE DOCTORS!!!:cursing:
  4. I honestly believe that people who make you wait are playing a passive-aggressive power game, as in, "I am going to MAKE you wait for me." I don't put up with friends who make me wait. Bagsnshoos, it's ridiculous this groomer is making you wait an hour unless she got in an accident or something!
  5. Hooray! she just got here. This is the first time she's been this late so yes, IntlSet, she gets one "get out of jail free" card! Traffic sucks in L.A. so I'm letting it go this time. Now I can take a shower!
  6. ^^ glad you didnt have to wait for LONG! lol
  7. I HATE WAITING TOO!! i agree 1000000000%

    i hate when u make a dinner resevation with friends and everyoen shows up late!! IT PISSES ME OFFFF
  8. I hate waiting, but I don't understand how somethings are always late. The doctor I can understand, but businesses and the groomer is just seems like they can't managae their time. I'd cancel and go somewhere else, but I've never had any of my groomers be late so that's just imo.
  9. I truly believe being punctual is a sign of good manners! I am never, ever late and I hate it when other people disrupt my schedule because they are. As was mentioned earlier, doctors are the worst offenders.
  10. I hate waiting for people-> Tell me about it! What's worse, is that I am always the sucker that shows up 5 minutes too early, and then has to wait 15 minutes for the others to arrive.
  11. Me too... except I can't complain too much, because I am not always punctual. At leaset I call and let people know ahead of time if I'm going to be late, and approximately how long I'll take... I also prefer if other people showed the same courtesy. I don't mind waiting too long, as long as I know they're showing up!
  12. I HATE it when I have to wait especially in the restaurant for lunch when I turn up on time for the reservation. I want to scream at them saying: 'Time is money and it's MY money' (it really is for me if I miss an opening) but I think that's probably a bit too far, LOL.

    But I've been told I'm not allowed to get crossed because my SO has to wait for me for an hour whilst I get myself ready for dinner (so nowadays he says we have a table at eight when it's really nine), LOL.
  13. ^I agree with being on time is indicative of good manners.

    Doctors are late due to their patients being late for the most part.:yes: They get behind when a patient shows up late and that has a domino affect on the rest of the day (including other patients waiting) or a patient schedules an appointment "only for a sore throat" then upon arrival they tell their Dr. "Oh by the way, I'm having chest pains, numbness in my right arm and a terrible headache.":wtf:

    As OCD as most doctors are, this stresses them out a lot as they get behind and then have to work late into the evening and nighttime trying to play catch up. Just another perspective for all to think about. :smile:
  14. I am so impatient and I hate having to wait for anyone else! My best friend is habitually late and it irks me to no end.

    My grandmother raised me with this little saying:

    Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.:smile:
  15. I'm an anal punctual girl. I hear you on this one. I try to loosen up with social situations...if a party invite says it starts at 8 I will probably roll in around 8:30ish. BUT when someone has an appointment with you or says they'll come by for a visit around a certain time dammit that's when they should show up! :cursing:

    I do have a few loved ones and friends who are perpetually late. Rather than my blood pressure exploding, I just tack on 30-60 minutes to their ETA and it works like a charm. :supacool: