i hate waiting for a buyer to pay...

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  1. i put in my listings to pay immediately after the auction. the buyer waited until the last second to buy, which is fine, but you'd think that if they were so attentive to purchasing, that they'd be attnetive to paying!

    argh. just venting. thanks.
  2. If you have a BIN, you can require immediate payment. Otherwise, a buyer has 4 days to pay. Asking for immediate payment in the listing is fruitless, IMO.
  3. Did Ebay recently change their policy? I had a buyer that waited over a week to pay for an item (auction), and when I complained to Ebay, they stated that the buyer had a week to pay, and that I could not file an "item not paid for," until 10 days or something from the end of the auction??
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    If a buyer doesn’t pay for an item within 4 days, sellers can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Center. If the buyer still doesn't pay or reach some other agreement with the seller, eBay may record the unpaid item on the buyer's account.

    If you don't receive payment, you can open an unpaid item case in the Resolution Center as early as 4 days after and up until 32 days after the listing ended.
    The buyer has up to 4 days to send a payment after the case is opened. During this time the buyer can also contact you to request a payment extension or make another arrangement. Of course you can agree to the buyer's request, but you're not obligated to make special arrangements.

    This has been a fairly recent change Bri.

  5. It was a week, I believe, but now they've shortened it to 4 days (then you can file a NPB, immediately, if you want). :smile:

    Personally, I'd tend to wait a bit longer, as some buyers don't know the rule has changed, yet and I also think it seems a little overzealous to file as soon as one possibly can.
  6. I don't understand that, either. I'm currently waiting on two people to pay. One, I've opened an unpaid item claim. The other, I will probably do that in a day or two. I just don't understand how you can ignore the email saying you won, the invoice, a reminder, etc.
  7. ^ Because they know that, whatever the seller says, they have 4 days (or they may still think 7?!) to pay, as per eBay rules. :shrugs:
  8. There have been times I had a buyer try to pay me after a week's time had passed. Some buyers feel they can just pay when they want to. In my auction I state payment must be made within 2 days or I can offer it to my under bidder. They paid me with pay pal a week later, and I returned their payment (I made the sale with the under bidder). I am quite strict with my auctions, while I only sell authentic goods and ship quickly, I refuse to be stuck "holding the bag" waiting for a buyer who will pay when they feel like it. And some people just have excuse after excuse, they waste your time. So I just move on.

    If more sellers were strict about payment, these lazy buyers would pay right away. I don't mind to wait for a payment if a buyer has communicated with me about it. I have waited for payment from many wonderful buyers, but communication was key. I refuse to just sit tight and wait and see if the winning bidder will pay, if they don't pay right away (my 2 day limit) and they have not emailed me about it, forget it. I'm not hard up to make a sale, so I refuse to be at their mercy.
  9. Yup, 4 days it is! I am so very happy that now is 4 days and if still no payment 4 days after that, dispute can be closed, instead of the old policy of 7 days plus 7 days. Of course when buyer communicate if they can't pay within the time frame, I can understand and wait.
  10. Yup, I put my TOS that payment must be made within 4 days after auction closed. If they can't make it, all they have to do is to e-mail me, I am flexible enough to wait sometimes up to 10 days or so.
    Me too, my LV and Hermes always sold, why should I wait for more than 7 days with the possibility of not get paid at all.
  11. Nothing frustrates me more than having to open a case and on the last day before I can close it they pay with an e-check which can take up to a week to clear.
  12. Yes, as long as a buyer emails me and we discuss and can agree when they will pay, I am fine with that. I am an understanding person, and if a person needs to wait till their pay check comes a few days later, in order to pay me, I understand. I just hate when I send them an invoice and get no response. Many times I used to wait a few days after the sent and ignored invoice, and then email them a gentle reminder, and asking to please respond/communicate with me. And STILL get no response. That's just rude, and I'd rather not have a transaction with someone like that. But funny, once you file the NPB they come out of the woodwork and start to communicate with you, giving excuse after excuse. No thanks.
  13. I don't know about you girls, but I tend to pay immediately once I win something.

    I dislike it when someone bids the last minute, wins, then waits 6 days to pay when I ask buyer to pay in 2 or less. We can't force them to pay on time. Ugh.
  14. I hate that too. I always pay within minutes. I am not going to buy something and then take forever to pay for it. I want my item ASAP
  15. I always ask for payment within 24 hours and I can't remember the last time someone took any longer than that to pay. My experience in the past has been that most buyers will ask for more time prior to the auction ending and it's usually not problem accommodating them.

    But like most who have already posted, I pay immediately when on the buying end of a transaction. I would never make someone wait 4, 7 or how ever many days before paying for my item. I don't buy things on Ebay that I can't afford to pay for immediately.