I hate waiting!!!!! AGHH!!

  1. I am patiently (NOT) waiting on my BH that I ordered over a week ago and my MC speedy that I order Friday, which will be delivered tomorrow by that lovely Fed Ex man. But man I hate all the waiting, KWIM?? That is the worst part!
  2. Been there, done that. I have waited at my window and willed that truck to pull up! Hang in there.....and let us know when you get it. Exciting!
  3. I can relate...I'm waiting on my LV Mono Speedy 30!! I hope it doesn't get delivered while I'm out of town!! Ooooh I'd be POed!!
  4. I know, the waiting is horrible!
    I have to wait for my clothing allowance before I can purchase my first designer purse, but it's so hard! I sure hope it'll be there very soon...
  5. I am waiting too! Waiting for LV to release my HOSTAGE Mirage speedy! UGH I really want it! What is worse is I was an IDIOT and went to the store to look at it last night... DUH!
  6. I KNOW!!! I am also in the same boat with the hostage Mirage. I have been going back and forth of which color to pick and still undecided and this wait is not helping.
  7. haha. i totally understand what you're saying. i like to buy things online at times but hate the waiting. i get all antsy in my pants.
  8. I'd rather buy in the boutique I think. The whole experience and all... Plus, no waiting!
  9. Waiting suuuucks - but I do think it makes it even more special when we get it, you know? If it were next day, there wouldn't be all that much anticipation...
  10. ^That's totally true!
    I think I've had enough waiting now though :p
  11. I feel your pain. I hate waiting as well. At the moment I am waiting for fedex as well. I must have ran to window 5 times this morning.
  12. Oh, I know how you feel. I'm expecting a little somethin' somethin' so everytime my little dog barks I run to the door thinking my new bag is here... lo. :hysteric:
  13. I wish I did live near a boutique but the closest one is 3 hours away.
  14. I'm not waiting, but certainly wish I was!:girlsigh::angel:
  15. I totally know what you mean!! But thanfully you don't have much longer! Whoo Hoo! I can't wait to see pics!