I hate USPS now

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  1. I cannot believe all of the bad luck I have had with USPS!!! I sent a package to a buyer in Washington state via Priority Mail and I just tracked the package and it is showing the package is in Washington DC!!!! That is on the East coast and it's supposed to be going to the West coast!!!. I just emailed the buyer and told her I'm so sorry about this and that I will be contacting the postal service when they open this morning. What is wrong with the postal service? I also had shipped a pair of $200 jeans and paid extra for delivery confirmation and the tracking still has not updated or shown they were ever delivered. The last update was October 6th. I just hope this dress does not get delivered to someone in DC. I really hate USPS now!!!!
  2. I am so sorry to hear your trouble! I hope they are able to get the package to the right place for you. It is hard to even understand how this happened because they use the zip codes. Surely Washington state and Washington DC do not have similar zip codes!

    I have a sister that lives in DC and she said the postal service there is terrible. In the past year I sent her two packages that never showed up. I did not pay for tracking, so there was no way to trace them and both just disappeared. At first my sister said to not worry because packages sometimes disappear for a few weeks, then suddenly re-appear. Unfortunately that was not the case for these two.
  3. my goodness! Seems like there have beens loads of stories about them delivering to completely wrong addresses!! I do not know what to say other than people just do not give a hoot about other peoples' stuff or care to do their jobs right. I know people make mistakes... but just reading the dang address could fix that.

    I swear... sometimes I feel like the entire world is just going to the dumps, and not just because of things like this either.
  4. Thank you. The zip codes are very different. Washington DC starts with a 2 and Washington state starts with a 9. Oh no!!! I hate to hear that your sister never received the two packages that you sent to her. I'm so sorry to hear that and I would be so mad if I were you. I am glad I paid for tracking and delivery confirmation, but it seems like this is a waste and is not helping. I just read Lori Matthews thread and her package was delivered to the wrong zip code and city too. All I care is that my buyer gets her package and I hope she will not be mad at me. I really don't have time to be calling USPS every week and opening a claim. I do not need all of this stress!!!

  5. That's exactly how I feel. If they would take one second to read the address my package would be in Washington state and not DC!!! My package would have been delivered today too. Now it could take another 3 to 4 days to be delivered unless they lose my package!!!
  6. it happens with any delivery company, plus the volume of mail to the mistake ratio is low for USPS
  7. I just got off the phone with the 1 800 USPS customer service dept and that was a waste of time!!! The guy was no help at all. He told me that Priority Mail has up to 5 days to be delivered and there is nothing they can do. He does not know why my package is in DC and not in Washington state. He told me that I would have to wait 7 days to open a claim. This is BS. I pay extra for Priority Mail and it states delivery in 2 to 3 days, not 7 days. I think I will start using UPS or Fedex from now on. I wish I never contacted my buyer, because now she is going to be upset and she might not have even noticed that the package is in DC.
  8. Once I sent a package to Minnesota and it went all the way down to Atlanta. My confused mind asked my DH "is Georgia next Minnesota?" :wacko: It stayed in Atlanta sorting center a few days and eventually moved to north.
    I'm pretty sure your package will move to the right direction soon.
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    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    prority mail is 7-10 business days NOT 2-3 thats express mail
  10. How long is parcel post?
  11. OP,
    Usually when this happened, USPS will re-route the package. I know it will take some extra days, but your package is not lost.
  12. Prioirty mail is usually 2-3 days but it's not a guaranteed service. The 2-3days is used as a selling point but if you need something for sure within that time frame you'd have to go with express mail.

    I work for USPS and I can tell you myself that the 1-800 call center number is useless. Once I ordered some custom postage online for Christmas (you can have photos turned into stamps) and it was getting close to Christmas and still the stamps for my cards were not there. I had ordered them online. So I put in a call to the 1-800 number to check on it, they take my information. Next time I go into work there's a 'customer complaint' opened up for our office to investigate where this person's (me, haha) postage was. $%#@! We have no way of checking at the office, this only made more paperwork for us to try and close the case, trying again to find out where it was I was referred back to the 1-800 number. Ugh! I got the stamps in time to send my Christmas cards but still, so frustrating.

  13. UPS isn't any better. I shop online all the time and most of my packages are shipped via UPS. Well I have an app on my phone so I can track all of them and I've been keeping an eye on shipping times. About 60-70% of them have been rescheduled due to being shipped to the wrong cities initially. It's absolutely ridiculous but seems to be a pretty regular thing lately for UPS. I guess with all of the budget cuts they are probably cutting jobs. When you cut jobs you get less efficiency. :tdown:
  14. I've had packages go to some far away processing centers that don't make any sense. Maybe they were misrouted. A couple of examples I remember from personal experience:
    Shipped from TX:
    -A VA package went on a tour of PR and FL before going to VA.
    - A WA package went to CA then AK before going to WA.
    -A NM package went to MN and IA before going to NM. This one made me LOL because it's the next state over!!!

    These were all Priority Mail.
  15. USPS is usually 2-3 business days and I have always had good luck with it..but recently like others, it seems things are not as smooth as they used to be. I had a pkg. take 2 weeks and it was Priority~ wasn't not going too far. I'm actually using UPS and FedEX more now.