I hate UPS

  1. I really hate UPS.... I cant take it anymore.
    So I live in this nice little town where we have a UPS office. But for some reason, if I want to pick up a package, I have to pick it up at another center which is about 45 mins away from where I live. From the conversation with my local office, they said that UPS hq divides it this way based on zipcode :wtf:
    Did they just pull this out of their a#$??? It is obvious that if you mapquest the distance between my zipcode and the far away center is further away than the local one. Are they stupid or computer illiterate and cannot use mapquest????
    My options are either to skip work and sit at home waiting for the package or drive 1.5 (round trip) to the darn center.....
    Sorry girls.... I am just so..... upset..... :hysteric:
    I thought the point of having a local office is so that it is easier for customers who live nearby to get access to UPS. But I guess not!!!!!!

    I swear... this is the last time I use UPS. I'd rather eat dirt and get shot in the foot than using them ever again!
  2. UPS is HORRIBLE. I cannot stand them, sorry you're having issues!
  3. I really want to write to their hq and tell them that my zipcode should have access to the local office.... but there is no link to customers feedback on their website :hysteric:
  4. YES! I've had these SAME problems with UPS also!!! I live in a small town and one time I wanted to pick up a package and they were going to make me go up by the NEWARK AIRPORT, which is nearly 50 minutes from me! Their tracking system sucks too, and it's ALWAYS behind. I've never found UPS very reliable. :smash:
  5. I've had that problem with them before too i had to go way on the other side of town to get my package. At that time I lived like 30 mins away. When I could have went the one close to my house. But NOOOOO!!!! i had to make that drive they make me sick sometimes.
  6. I have had problems with UPS too! Boo to them
  7. I hate UPS too! They lost my package about a week ago!
  8. no way......
    was it insured? did you get it back?