I hate toothpaste.

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  1. I dont mind brushing my teeth...i really have barely any gag reflex and dont mind taking the time.

    BUT what i do mind, is that minty fresh feeling. It grosses me out. ESPECIALLY 1-2 hours later when there is this stale mint taste in my mouth. Everything within the next few hours tastes so yucky to me EVEN WATER. I hate it.

    I wish there were hamburger flavored toothpaste. Or even pizza...maybe some some chicken wing flavored floss.
  2. I hate weak flavored toothpastes that leave a mild blah taste in my mouth. My favorite types are the ones that burn. I also refuse to use gel toothpaste, I'm a paste kinda gal.
  3. I remember trying one which was bubble gum flavoured, I refused to spit it out... :biggrin:
  4. Tom's of Maine has different flavored ones. They also don't use sugar so a much different taste.
    I remember in Amsterdam I had to buy a tube and got some licorice flavored stuff. Blech!
  5. Ewwww...I HATE GEL TOOTHPASTE....im only a paste girl myself (which i still dont like so much) I use that crest PRO-HEALTH stuff i like the gritty consistancy of it.
  6. Normally I hate gel too, then I tried that new Aquafresh Isoactive FOAMING gel stuff and I'm in love! But I swear it foams too much because I look like I have rabies when I'm brushing my teeth...it's not a pretty sight.
  7. you can use just baking soda (with or without added salt) to brush your teeth instead of toothpaste. that doesn't really leave the best taste either, but it's not minty and it does the job.
  8. DITTO!!! I hate gel too, but LOVE the ISO active stuff!!! Its so awesome.

    OP, I really dont have any advice for you. Sorry!
  9. I use cinnamon Crest, I never liked mint toothpastes. I think the cinnamon tastes like candy!
  10. Ive used the cinnamon ones too - they are rather nice
  11. Another gel hater here. I only like regular Colgate mint paste and even that makes me gag sometimes!

    OP- GoSmile toothpaste comes in Lemonade flavor (you can get it at Sephora & Amazon) and a lot of brands have Cinnamon. I also found this company that has all sorts of crazy flavors: http://breathpalette.com/index.aspx
  12. I haven't done this for a long long time, but I used to use baking soda instead of toothpaste. My teeth felt incredibly squeeky clean and I didn't mind the taste at all. Maybe you should try that. Some people even put hydrogen peroxide in with it.
  13. My son can't stand anything mint flavored, so I get him cinnamon toothpaste. I think I'm gonna try the Aquafresh foaming gel someone mentioned above, sounds like it does a good job!
  14. This is so funny because I thought that I was the only one who was weird about toothpaste! I can't stand gel toothpaste either. In fact, I won't even eat cake that's been decorated with gel frosting because it looks like toothpaste! I don't mind toothpaste in my mouth, but what I can't stand is toothpaste out of my mouth - like smeared on the sink, or stuck on the toothpaste container or lid, etc. I don't know why it grosses me out so much??? I have the same aversion to chewing gum. I don't care for it and seeing chewed gum is downright repulsive. I used to have a friend in HS that would stick her chewed gum on her plate during lunch so that she could chew it again after lunch. Her purse always smelled like mint gum too. Gross.
  15. try the Cinnamon or vanilla flavour toothpastes!