I hate to leave negative feedback BUT

  1. I dont want to leave a negative...but what would you do. A seller emails me and refunds my money saying that eBay accidently listed the item twice and it already sold earlier on. I know what happened it sold for less than what she paid for it and she doesn't want to let it go. But now I see the same bag listed again in her store and it's only been like 3 days since she refunded my money. I'm laughing and I'm mad at the same time. There are worse things that can happen on eBay--I know. Would you leave a negative?
  2. has she left you feedback? She could leave you a neg in return? What about a neut instead?

    If she has left you feedback then by all means tell your story in the feedback.
  3. Just know that by leaving a negative, you'll most likely be getting one back.

    I was in a similar situation; I bought a pair of black shoes and when they sent them to me, they were orange! I emailed her a dozen times asking for an exchange. She ignored me. I filed a Paypal dispute and eventually a chargeback on my CC. She ignored all of those too. In the middle of my dispute, I go into her auctions and she's listed my black shoes again! Really ticked me off, but I didn't want a neg so I didn't leave any feedback. :sad: At least I got a free pair of shoes AND my money back as consolation.
  4. thank you! I feel better.
  5. Is it possible that she could have had more than one of the same bag and she didn't have one to give you at the time? I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. In these cases, I usually leave a positive and say "seller refunded money promptly." If that spooks other potential bidders they will email you and ask you about it. Then you can tell them the story.
  6. If there was a profit involved I'm sure she would have been down at the outlet buying me another one instead of refunding me my money. That's my benefit of the doubt. What goes around comes around. Thank you for the help!
  7. A while back I had bid and won 2 blazers, same style but different colors from a seller. She wrote and said they were not in stock and returned my Paypal! I go to her store and there they were. I bid and bought both now and told her off. I let eBay know. She's still in business, naturally, as she's a powerstealer.
  8. Although she deserves a negative, if you leave her one then it is very possible that she will leave you one. Do you want to risk that?

    I certainly wouldn't leave her positive though. Why leave her anything at all?
  9. I have to say that I agree with just not leaving any feedback.

    If I was afraid some shady seller or buyer was going to leave me negative feedback JUST BECAUSE they got neg feedback from me for a just reason....Then I just would not leave any feedback.

    My reputation is important. I have 100% and dont want some jack.ass screwing it up as revenge!
  10. This is exactly why feedback doesn't really do what it's supposed to. I take feedback with a grain of salt especially a negative. I look at all feedback as a whole. When I see 100% positive, I don't assume they are perfect because of the fact that sometimes people choose not to leave feedback for fear of retaliation. They could have had the worst transaction just before me and I wouldn't know it.

    I thought my 100% positive fb was so important untill I had a seller that was totally unreasonable and not willing to resolve an issue they created. I knew I was going to get retaliatory fb, but it was worth it for me.

    I now have less than perfect fb, that seller has a factual negative from me so future buyers can make an informed decision to purchase from them. Yes, I have a retaliatory neg, but I think it all speaks volumes about what and how things happened..... and since then I have had many positive transactions with happy and satisfied ebayers.
  11. Good for you.
    It's more important to me to feel good about the situation and like you did the right thing, regardless of the outcome.
  12. Thank you.
  13. Agree with others. Don't leave feedback.
  14. :yes: Completely agree with Lisasbags and Bella Fiore. I also feel that I am somehow being complicit with dishonest practice if I don't let others know. I realise that sounds a bit pious:angel: but I seriously feel that I ought to share bad experiences whatever the outcome. So I'd always risk the retaliation because to me I can hardly moan about Ebay on one hand and then play silly games in which I am bullied into what is effectively lying about my experience to others who could be planning to buy innocently unaware of a particular seller's tricks.

    Having said that though, agree with the others that you need to be really sure it is the same item!
  15. I would e-mail her and ask what the heck is going on. I guess since you got your money back I wouldn't leave any FB.