I hate to break it to you CHANEL lovers, but...

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  1. I spoke with my Saks SA today. According to her, Chanel's exclusion from the recently concluded egc event was a mutual decision by the vendor and the store. They seem "to be moving in a different direction, what with the changing face of the economy"(whatever that means) and you can safely conclude Chanel will no longer be a part of any Saks EGC events until further notice.

    A sad day for me as I've just lost motivation to purchase from them if they have no incentives to distinguish their retail service from that of any other store that carries Chanel:tdown:.
  2. wow.
  3. :crybaby:
  4. I'm sure the boutiques were losing buisness from Saks and other retailers , not many people were buying from them and going to get the egc. I wonder if NM and BG will follow suit?
  5. Oh - sad ! I hope Chanel doesn't opt out in Canada either !
  6. Too bad. The Maxi would have been a great EGC score!
  7. LV does not participate in EGC, does it?
  8. Nordstrom stores match Saks event. I just ordered big size black camer case with gold hardware with gift card.
  9. Boo!

    I hope NM & BG won't follow Saks' s footstep.

    Fingers and toes crossed!
  10. Wait til Nordies gets called on the carpet by Chanel. . .
    This may end up to be a very good thing -- in a very round-about way. If there are no discounts anywhere, then I suspect Chanel will notice gee, sales are off. If that's the case, I strongly suspect more than 200 Chanel staff will be looking for other employment. It will also impact the earnings for SAs at Saks, NM and any other retailers who are forbidden to discount Chanel. Very interesting indeed. There are more ramifications when you think about it, but I don't want to write chapter and verse. Quite a number of us have nice collections. It's time to feel blessed and perhaps save rather than toss money at greedy corporations who are as out of touch as one can possibly be. (I want to say to Chanel, bugger off, but won't.)
  11. Jmen, you always say completely what I am thinking...................thanks so much:smile:
  12. :faint:
  13. That's too bad, the US ladies have always been very lucky with the events and discounts in department stores; the USA is the only country where you can get these advantages.

    But there's still NM, Nordstrom, BG and what have you not, right?
  14. Also Bloomingdales. I believe NM and BG are essentially the same. NM is good about allowing gift card events to include Chanel, but not LV. Nordstrom never has gift card events, but every so often they offer extra points. They have been matching Bloomingdales and Saks offers for several months. Also, Chanel does have an outlet store, for what that's worth -- and they allow the department stores to mark down seasonal merchandise. Unsold non-classic stock often ends up in NM's Last Call stores and other off-price stores. They are not that exclusive that they don't want to sell alll their merchandise no matter how low the price. It seems that LV protects itself from any mark-downs. I wonder how long they will be able to keep that exclusivity? (I read someplace that LV burns unsold merchandise??)
    And, the bottom line of the stores we love to patronize? I understand that the markup on Chanel is such that the store doesn't actually make that much on the merchandise especially when it is so deeply discounted while it is in season. It's definitely a loss leader for such stores. But, they make sales and move inventory and that's the bottom line for our beloved department stores.
  15. Chanel also burns unsold goods. May the bonfire glow longer. The outlet is pretty much as wash out since it has a no ship policy; it only benefits those who live close enough to check frequently.