I hate to admit....I'm a bag snob

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  1. I have loved bags since I was 7 years old and started by sewing my own leather pouch. I started out buying less expensive bags, $40 in 1985, then I remember my first "expensive" bag purchase - a leather bag for $100 in about 1989 for which I felt so guilty buying! Then one day I graduated, hyperventilating, at a $200 purchase. I bought several over the next year or 2, then gradually got to $500, $600...... I crept my way up to Botkier & Kooba which I still love but never carry any more, and then Louis Vuitton and Chanel. I look upon $200 bags with disdain. This sounds horrible. I love TJ Maxx for its $6 shirts, inexpensive shoes, and cheap hair products. But I admit, I am a luxury bag addict. I really don't care how much a bag costs - I have purchased an LV or Balenziaga from Japan for $300-$600, but I cannot see carrying a low quality brand. How bad does this make me? I do have a Longchamps nylon tote which I love and will carry as a carry on or a cosmetics tote. I don't care to mention brands, but certain brands I don't want to even be seen with. What's your confession???
  2. Is the most you've spent on a LV bag $600, and not brand new? Well, hate to say it...but if you've been paying attention to any of the other threads in the Louis Vuitton forum, $600 is on the low end. Actually, the only bag you can get new for close to that price ($500) is a Pochette Accessories. So no, I don't think you're a bag snob in the least! If you are, I don't know what that makes the rest of us!
  3. Crack me up :roflmfao: LMAO
  4. I don't think you are a bag snob, you just have a personal preference toward higher end brands and there is nothing wrong with that.
  5. You sound like a label snob more than a bag snob to me.

    A bag doesn't have to be expensive or branded to be beautiful, and after a certain price point you are only really paying for the brand label and perceived exclusiveness, not necessarily for the quality.

    I do think it is hard to go back to using poorly made bags when you are used to higher quality ones though.
  6. How bout
    Brand conscious plus snob
  7. Why? What if that $200 bag was made very well? Would you still think less of it because it's a $200 purse vs a $2000 one? Nothing wrong with wanting quality at all but I think at a certain price point it becomes a diminishing return, i.e...a $5000 bag wouldn't necessarily be 50x better than say a $100 one quality-wise. At some point you're paying as much (or more) for the label as you are quality.
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  8. You do seem more like a label snob. I do not look upon 300 or 200 or 100 dollar bags with disdain, why would I? Yes I mainly buy LV but that's because I love the brand. I own two bags from Contemporary designer Alexander Wang that are both under the 1 K mark and I really love them. I also love Kate Spades whimsical clutches which are under 500. No need to look at bags with disdain just because they are not from a premiere luxury designer. There is only one contemp designer I would never use and it has nothing to do with how much the bags cost.

    Don't worry so much about the price point and just buy bags you love.
  9. You're in a forum where members often can't find a wallet for $600, so do consider your audience.

    Beware looking down the nose. You wouldn't like being on the receiving end of this attitude. And while there are those who spend much less or much more than you, fact remains that it indicates very little. The very well off can carry a Target bag and still have a far brighter retirement ahead than the brand-bedecked gal at the mall.
  10. :reading::popcorn:
  11. This thread you guys!!
  12. Haha I know right? I may have to borrow your "I can't tell if you are serious or just joking" picture from my LV art thread lol.
  13. Haha 😄 That thing could get pretty useful on TPF!
  14. I agree with others, you're just a label snob. :tdown: I buy contemporary brands and designer, a person with confidence isn't defined by labels. They buy what they like, label or not!

    Thankfully the majority of people in the LV forum don't have your snobby attitude!
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  15. Oh boy.

    I buy what I like. It could be $200 or $2000. Why would I deny myself the joy of owning something I like because it's only $200?

    My confession is that I just hit the subscribe button for this thread.
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