I Hate This Place!!!

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  1. Because of this place look what all of you have made me do.


    I blame all the enablers here for my new obsession. It can't be my fault. I was not like this before I found this place.

    And I am not satisfied I want more.
  2. lol...i love them all! i agree w/you about everyone egging us on to keep buying!!!
  3. lol oh honey.. you're in weho.. whether you like it or not, you'd always be surrounded by enablers of some sort. haha.
  4. lol, we are all in the same boat. :p
  5. wee! so bad but so fun.
  6. Gorgeous pieces!!! Your dog is the cutest!
  7. LOL agreed....TFP makes everyone want more. Your dog is wayyyy cute in that pic.
  8. wow!!! great collection! loooove all your guccis!!
  9. Great collection! This is a bad place to be if you can't resist the temptation!
  10. I love all of the variety in your collection & your dog is the cutest! I love the little superdog outfit!
  11. Lovely bags and your dog is adorable!
  12. Cute, love them :smile:
  13. I know exactly what you mean!!

    Every time I say to myself that this is the "last" one, something else comes up that I have to have, particularly if it's hard to find or limited...

    AND YET -- I love my collection!
  14. Jane I think one of my bags should look very familiar to you;)