I hate this about Ebay

  1. I was getting ready to list a vintage bag that I want to sell and I ran a search to see any recent sales of the same thing. My particular bag had just sold for around $1,100. I bought mine for $1,250 so I figured that was a good comp. So just then, another similar bag sold for $800! Not sure why. Maybe a strap was missing or something. But now, when I pull recent sales of the same thing, only the $800 dollar bag comes up! So now when anyone wants to see what it would sell for, the $800 comes up. So not surprisingly, someone offered me $800 and $850. Why on earth that other sale isn't listed is beyond me. GRrr.....
  2. I'd sure love to know the answer to this, too. Maybe I've been doing something wrong when I try to do a search of recent "completed" sales and I always feel I'm never getting the whole picture.....or even a decent one of what certain items have been selling for. Certainly another area on
    eBay that needs major improvement.
  3. From what I have observed, completed listings appear to be searchable for up to two weeks after the listing ends. If you know the listing number you can locate it for up to 90 days. If eBay cancels the listing - and they sometimes do it after the listing has ended - it will not appear in the completed listings log. Maybe that is what happened to the $1100 bag.
  4. I think one of the problems eBay has is that they probably do not want to show the amount of duplicate relists ending with zero buyers. If the completed search showed the same item relisted over and over again, it will likely turn away potential sellers of saids item. Effectively cutting ebay's listing profits...

    There is an option for sellers to subscribe to a research system that will do longer historical searches, although I am not sure how far back they go. I think it is free to start then they hook you on a recurring charge. I don't use it because I figured out how to do a good google search of completed listings and also use waybackmachine.

    But as a buyer I am thinking I would probably offer the lowest possible that shows up completed regardless. I would offer so with the expectation that the seller will probably counteroffer with a higher price explaining the difference between the prices. The addition of a designer strap or a difference in the condition of the item (new versus a comparable which might be preloved) should be the basis for a counter. If it is something that the buyer would have to order separately they would have to pay more money anyway, explain that in the counteroffer.
  5. You can search completed listings only for the last 30 days