I hate the waiting game...

  1. Last Sunday I bought a bag on eBay after getting it authenticated here on tPF. The seller is reputable with 1156/99.1% positive feedback. I paid as soon as I won the auction with my credit card via PayPal. The seller stated in the auction that items are shipped on Thursday and Friday and said she would send me the tracking number. So after hearing nothing by late Friday afternoon, I asked for the tracking number. She emailed me back and said that it was in the car and she'd send it to me the next morning. I haven't heard anything from her since, and I even followed up with a quick email on Saturday. Needless to say, I'm anxious to get a tracking number so I can rest assured that the bag is on its way. Should I be worried that the seller is trying to give me the runaround?? :s
  2. Well me being me Still no confirmation after a week I would be crawling the walls by now :hysteric: and be stamping my feet cos I wanted my bag and I want it now lol.
  3. I'm very bad at waiting for an item to arrive too, so I feel for you :sad:
    I'm not sure how she/he is shipping but I "think" if they paid for the shipping with paypal you may be able to see the shipping information in the auction you won. If they shipped USPS the shipping number may not be much help if your trying to determine when your package may arrive. I ship USPS and print out my shipping labels with paypal. Unfortunately about 50% of the time the shipping information is only updated on the USPS website when the package is delivered. Well by then the purchaser knows they have the bag. It's frustrating when I sell since 99% of the time I ship the day after I've received payment and when the buyer checks the USPS website it can show they are waiting for the package to be dropped off when in fact it was. Please let us know when you get your bag and post photos :smile:
  4. Whew! Heard from the seller and she was very sweet. Gave me the tracking number and according to USPS.com it's here! :yahoo: Will post pix tomorrow :yes:
  5. Congrats!! I'm glad it worked out for you!! ;)
  6. Looking forward to your photos-:yes: