I hate the Ross Park Mall Store!!!

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  1. I was at the aforementioned mall this afternoon...I usually shop at South Hills Village but went to Ross Park because they have a Pollack's store which is where I like to buy my Easter candy. So while I was at the mall, I decided to check out the Coach store. It wasn't that busy, but the associates totally ignored me! I wasn't all that dressed up, just wearing a sweatsuit, but I did have my leather Legacy Slim Flap bag with me. While I was browsing, two of the associates at different times would just stand near me (like they thought I was a shoplifter or something) and never said so much as "hi" or anything else! At one point, I picked up a bag off of the display shelf to try on, and after I placed it back on the shelf, the one associate made a point to go over and "adjust" the bag to its proper position (like I guess I put it back 2 inches away from where it was supposed to be!). But she didn't even bother to ask if she could help me or if I was interested in that particular bag or anything! There was a third associate who was busy with a customer when I walked in, and then approached me when she was finished with the customer to see if I needed any help. She was kind of nice, but at that point there was no way I would have bought anything there anyway.

    All I can say is thank God for the South Hills Village store! I never would have been treated like that there, as their SA's are completely awesome and friendly. Even if a particular item would have sparked my interest at the Ross Park store, I would have gone to the South Hills Village store to buy it. I will NEVER buy anything from the Ross Park store ever!!
  2. sorry for your crappy experience. i posted a similar story from the providence store -- it's too bad that everyone can't just be nice and helpful.
  3. I remember reading your post....I just don't get why some Coach stores are all snobby and others have the nicest SA's.
  4. There is one SA at the Copley store in Boston who always makes me feel like he doesn't approve of me buying Coach.....like I'm not "cool" enough.....it's weird because everyone else there makes me feel very special.

    I've noticed that when I have a bad experience buying something it can kinda cloud how I feel about the item.
  5. OMG!!! I live on McKnight Road (ironically that is also my last name ;) ) and I've only been in that store once...never again! I was ignored the whole time I was in there! It sucks too since I could hop in my car and be there in five minutes. :cursing:

    And I agree, I've been to the South Hills one and the SA's are super nice there.
  6. It sucks to be treated this way. I was in a store the other day (Beachwood, OH) & this one older woman (hey, I'm 35, not 15) was SUCH a snot to me. I was there to try out the new ergo styles. I asked questions abt the Carly & she was just so annoyed. Whatever--I was carrying one of my Kate Spades so you'd think wisen up. You know what? I get annoyed when salespeople treat me like that. Ummm, I'm shopping & you're working...why be that way?

    On the other hand, I ordered a legacy ponytail scarf from a different store (crocker park--westlake, OH) which was only $38 & I get this nice thank you note from the SA there. You bet your sweet a** that I will go there from now on!!!

  7. I know...even though I live in the South Hills, I work in the North Hills and tend to hit Ross Park Mall occasionally. But believe me, I'm sure that you will find that it is worth the time and distance to go to South Hills Village to shop at the Coach store.

    Love your bag, btw....
  8. Sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating that can be. Luckly it hasn't happened in a Coach store for me.
  9. WOW!
    And you were wearing that nice, expensive bag?
    Shame on them!:sad:
  10. WOW the Store in Novi MI, is the opposite, every person n the store says hi, they ALWAYS ask how I am loving my Legacy etc....Such a shame about that store you were at.
  11. I have been to Ross park a couple of times because I live in between although South Hills is closer and I do not care for that store or the SA's. They are not friendly except maybe for one and she turned me off too after she told me to order the mandy because there were so few left. I told her I would wait for the PCE and she told me that might be a long wait and I told her I already knew it would be in 10 days and she acted like she knew nothing. I already knew from the South Hills store and also here but I did not tell her that but my SA told me he would take care of it and it was coming up and the dates because he called me at home. That was my last visit there and my final one. I also know our Respiratory therapist does not like going there either because they are unfriendly. I never seen them cater to anyone so I do not think it was the way you were dressed. Our therapist is beautiful and I know she dresses only with designer clothes and very classy looking so believe me it is not you!

    I cannot say enough good things about the South Hills store and all the SA's there are so nice and make everyone feel special.
  12. I'm sorry for your bad experience. No one should be rude to anyone at all, imho. It shouldn't matter if one is just browsing or ready to buy $1,000 worth of stuff. I hope you have a better experience. Maybe if everyone keeps going to that store that sent you the thank you note and the other store is empty, they will have to rehire new people. ;)
  13. KKKKate, Love the potter-dog!! I don't know how i never noticed it before now!
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. I mainly shop at the Ross Park Mall and Beachwood Place stores. I've had nothing but great experiences in both stores. My SA from RP calls me everytime there is a style out that she thinks I would like. She and another woman I deal with there also called me after my hysterectomy to make sure I was okay. I've never had anything but great service from them. It's not as customized at Beachwood Place, but they've been really helpful when I've been in there.
  15. Where is Beachwood Place?
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