I HATE the Palo Alto boutique with a passion!!! (long, very very long)

  1. Arrgghhh... I think it is meant to be that I just stick to the boutiques in San Francisco.
    I will not step into the boutique in Palo Alto ever again, nor patronize them for anything.
    Maybe, it's not as bad as some experiences other tPFers have had, but this is the same boutique where I had the worse experience ever. One after another.
    I don't know... I just never would have thought to be totally ignored by a brand that I was sooo in love with. :crybaby:

    DH wanted to get me the Sweet Monogram headband this weekend and since we were heading down to Palo Alto/Stanford Mall, we decided to buy something small there instead of calling our usual SAs in SF...

    I walked into the boutique ahead of him since he wanted coffee first. So he went to the other end of the mall for Starbucks.
    Knew what I wanted, so I waited patiently for someone to acknowledge my presence or at least let me know how long the wait is.
    There were 4 SAs and one security guy.

    20 minutes later... No "hello", "how do you do", NOTHING!

    Since an SA was coming towards me and couldn't avoid talking to me, he asked if I had a question.
    I'm already pissed at this point since these SAs were walking around and helping everyone else except for me.
    I wanted to say "No Sh*t Sherlock", but instead nicely asked him if they had the Sweet Monogram headband.
    He said he doesn't know and then another SA just shook her head.

    Then he said "I guess no, but I'm busy right now" and starts to walk off.
    So I ask him if the LV counter in Neiman Marcus has it, and gives me like the look of horror of my request to do something that was so difficult and sounding very annoyed said "ok, I'll check."

    He comes out of the back and says that "only the SF and Valley Fair has them in stock", starts to walk around the counter away from me and didn't offer to get them transferred or if I needed anything else. He just walked off?! :wtf:
    So I just said "Thanks, I'll call the other places to check for them".

    Uuughhh... Why are they so rude? DH was appalled when he came to the front as I left the boutique.
    He said he was ready to buy me an 18k white gold necklace and everything for me, but if they weren't ready to help with a $300 headband, then they don't deserve a dime from us.
    And then DH said "Hey, at least it wasn't as bad as last time when you weren't decked out in LV."
    (Which didn't make me feel any better... Yes, when I thought about it, I had $5k worth of LV on me, but that should not be the case. They should acknowlegde each and every customer and treat them as they would want to be treated.)

    We both tried to give this boutique a 2nd chance, but they always have really rude SAs there.
    Their managers are just as horrible as their SAs.

    BTW, a mannequin fell and the SA ran over and just gave this couple a disgusted look.

    Is this a brand that I want to keep representing?? :wtf:
  2. Sorry to hear that! It's times like that that just makes me want to pull a Pretty Woman!!!!

    Don't know what to say to you.
  3. so sorry to hear about the awful treatment. i always stick to the ones that i know will give me good service. its good that you have other places to go.

    i hate it when poor service just leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. can definitely ruin your day.
  4. Damn, sorry girl. I haven't shopped at the one in Palo Alto yet. Now I dunno if I ever want to. Shet, let's go there together and I'll give 'em a piece of my mind!
  5. I had a similar experience at South Coast Plaza. I was looking for a pair of shoes ($900). Since I had bought some RTW from one SA before, so I called and ASKED for this SA. I ask him if he has this pair of shoes, and he just tells me "NO." To make the story short, I went to Beverly Center, which does not carry any runway shoes, the SA found the shoes from SOHO, transferred them and sold them to me.
  6. Sounds horrible...
  7. I have never had that terrible of service at the palo alto LV, but I know several people who have. I dont if its just different SA's there on different days or what. I dont think I have ever bought anything there though which I suppose says alot. There used to be a very good SA in the Neimans there but I havent been in a while.

    That is definitely a terrible LV experience....
  8. Report your experience. LV needs to know some of the people representing them are turning enemies out of previous fans. That's not right.
  9. I am so sorry that you had this experience, not once but twice! There is no excuse and you should be pissed! Although you mentioned the managers being as awful as the SAs I would still contact them regarding the service you received. If you feel that they are not being sincere in listening to your concerns then I would let them know that and I would ask for the contact information of their district manager. I would also let them know that you have always been a very devoted customer of LV and the service you have received at their boutique has been enough for you to question your loyalty/representation to/of the brand. If this doesn't get the manager's attention, it surely will get the attention of the district manager and you are well within your rights to contact someone at that level if the store manager does not address your compaints seriously. Mention the fact that you had given them a second chance, you wanted to purchase and they ignored you! On a side note if none of this works take MJ's advice (MJ your too funny, I love it)! LOL!
  10. Awwww... Thanks everybody! I just felt all your cyber hugs. :smile:
    You crack me up, MJ.

    I'll write a letter, but I don't think I'll go back to that particular boutique.
    I have some fighting words for them now. :cursing:
  11. sorry to hear of that. I just purchased something over the phone from that store, and had a good experience, but im sure in person it could have been different....
  12. Oooh, I hate when this kind of bad service happens! What is wrong with those SAs?? You're right not to go there ever again!! Seems like a report to the district manager is in order here. Good luck!!
  13. sorry to hear about your horrible experience. the sa leslie seems to be real nice though. i feel the same as you. i just came back from la and i swear the one in beverly center sucks, not even the security guard greeted me. i guess i'll just start a new thread!!! i go to the sf one in union square and they're pretty nice, except for the snotty manager.
  14. So sorry to hear about your awful experience. A good SA for me is a must. Sometimes I would even go overbudget if my SA is fantastic. Definitely, write to customer relations.

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  15. elitish ass.