I Hate The Houston Galleria Store!!!

  1. I swear everytime I buy something there. They always forget something!

    First time was when they gave me a pochette without a date code. I had to go all the way back again to get it replaced grr..

    This time, I got a bag and I inspected it and everything before the SA boxed it up. When I go home to open it up. Turns out that the SA took out the two cards that it comes with so all I have is a bag without the cards. It may seem small but I want everything when I'm paying so much. I even called the 866-VUITTON number and they thought that I was going to sell a FAKE bag on ebay when I told them that I didn't recieve the two tags. I was so offended. They were saying stuff like well we don't give those to anybody because they go and sell them and we're responsible for them. I was like okay hey lady, I just bought a bag from one of the retail stores and you think I'm selling counterfeits??? I was so angry. So then I call the store that I got it at and they said that I have to bring it back to get them. Grr such a hassle. Today was the only day that I was off too. Should I just return the bag cause I don't want to be treated like this. Just cause I'm young people don't even pay attention to me. Grrrr...

    Oh and also, don't get me wrong. I love Louis Vuitton but sometimes those SAs' egos are too big that they don't even give a crap about their customers. BTW I'm 19, maybe that's why? Even if so, doesn't mean that they should be rude to me.


    hehe okay I'm done. I feel better now.
  2. evolkatie, don't ever think that they can treat you poorly because you're just 19! I am young too and I get treated rudely but we have to be assertive!

    Also, you got a pochette WITHOUT a datecode? Which one was that??? I didn't think they made any of those.
  3. I used to live in Spring and had problems at the Galleria as well:mad:
  4. awww. that's terrible that you are not treated well at that store. no matter what your age is you pay the same amount of money as some who is 25, 40, 0r 70 for their product. it sounds like maybe its the sa's at that boutique who have issues, not you. good luck with your future visits to lv- maybe you should call and ask to speak to the manager?
  5. It's actually with a LOT of SAs. I've had at least 5 of them that treat me rudely. There's one guy there that's SUPER SUPER sweet, his name is Adam.

    Also, with my pochette, they took it back and marked it as damaged. It was just left out during production. That's what they told me. It was a mono pochette.
  6. I really hate that!!! I don't get why some SA's are so rude???? I mean, that is their JOB isn't it? To assist the customers with a sale??? So, I don't get why some of them have such an attitude? Where does the attitude come from?? Not to be mean, but, some people don't work and go in there and buy up the whole store and they(SA's) are WORKING at the store???? Shouldn't they realize this and at least treat people with respect??? Heck, for that matter, everyone should treat everyone else with respect!!!! (But I know that's an entirely different story!!) :smile:
  7. FYI
    Don't take it personal, its not about your age. You have to be positive walking into that store and not feel intimidated.
    The two tickets that were missing from your bag are never supposed to be sold with your bag.
    The date code in the bag has nothing to do with the authenticity of it.
    It is simply a date.
    Please dont feel like they are out to get you upset, it is in there best interest to make you happy.
    I know, Im young too.

  8. Really? :huh: is this true ladies? I have always gotten the tickets with anything I purchased. Also, if you were ever to try to resell the bag when you tired of it you could never successfully do that without a date code in the bag right?
  9. I used to have problems at the Houston Galleria store until I found some good SA's.

    I'm not sure who helped you but I can give you some names of the good ones. Let me know.

    otherwise you can always start shopping at the one in Neimans. They are smaller and can give you better personalized service.
  10. sorry katie! i would have done the same thing. i like to get everything when I am buying something from lv. i had always thought that the Houston Galleria was superb. I really dislike the Neiman Marcus counter though (theres a young SA there that looks at everyones handbags and thats her determining factor if you get help or not)

    Do you think that the Vuitton custom relations number and Houston Boutique number are located. I had called both in one day and I had received the same assistance from the same person. i though that was ackward. I thought customer relations was located in San francisco?
  11. I like Neiman Marcus but I didn't know if I could use my store credit there. I probably could've but I paid via visa and that's not accepted at my NM.

    Also, even if I wasn't even supposed to get those tickets then why are they always given out? That doesn't make sense. I've bought so many bags from the same store and only ONE SA (she was new also) took them all out. I would understand taking out the price tag (which is the one that they absolutely never give cause they reuse those) but I mean the other two. How am I going to know what exactly is my bag made out of IF I has zero experience with LV? I mean it's a dumb question but there are people who really don't know! I just don't like to pay so much and be missing so much. I've had great experiences like the time I bought my Reade PM but the bag was perfect, plus I had everything that was supposed to come with it. I paid so much so I'm expecting to get all that I can. I'm not asking for a discount or anything but I at least want that little tag. It may not mean much but in fact, to me it really does. How would you feel if you bought all the bags and they all came with the tags when the next one you buy is missing it? It's just like something is missing and that irks me. It may sound ridiculous but eh.. sorry bout the ranting...
  12. I am sorry you were treated like that I totally understand, they had no right to treat you bad, just because of your age! Everybody should get the same respect regardless of age! C'mon, they are the ones that lose the money, and the bussiness!
  13. evolkatie: spin this to a positive thing. maybe.... the SA is jealous since you are young and can afford the bag. I started to think these SAs dont really their job and the only reason why they do it is because of the discount. Thats why they are all so bitter.
  14. Lol. Thanks!

    Oh well. I'm thinking if I should go back to get the two tags. It's a hassle and I'm planning to keep it. I'm surprised that I liked the bag. PF is such a bad influence on me. I promised myself that I'd totally never get one cause it was wayyy too common lol.
  15. What did you end up getting? Whenever i go into LV @ the Galleria I usually get random treatment.....sometimes a helpful SA...sometimes no help at all. I like the SA's at NM...in my experience they are nicer.