I hate that paypal makes so much money out of currency rates!

  1. I just want to express that I find it outrageous that paypal makes so much money on currency rates. E.g. I bought a bag for a little over 2100 dollars and since I'm in Europe, when I paid, they used the rate of 1 euro = 1.32 USD. And the current rate last week has been and was at that time 1.36! That costs me thus over 50 euros!

    And to think that they also charge the seller for receiving money.. (and on top of that eBay makes money on the listing AND selling, and paypal is a eBay corporation...)

    I find it logical eBay makes money by their auctions, but this goes too far!!:cursing:

    What do you girls think?!
  2. I totally agree with you. The seller fees are really high allready, and as a buyer I almost always get a surprise when I see what I actually end up paying!!
  3. I lost almost 100 on the exchange rate when someone REFUNDED me money for a bag. Infuriating.
  4. Paypal and Credit Card exchange fees are about the same, unfotunately. Paypal gives you the option of paying the exchange fee through paypal, or through your card (if you pay with a credit card), and Paypal's was a little cheaper than the credit card, actually. Unfortunately banks fleece you every time you convert currency too. :sad: