I hate that I love pizza

  1. I have been really good for a really long time now and excercising regularly and putting healthy food into my body but today I just had a breakdown and had to order a pizza. and I washed it down with coke. I feel so dirty.
    Just wanted to share that. I guess we have to indulge once in a while....
  2. You bet we've gotta indulge once in awhile!! Aw heck it won't kill ya.
  3. I broke down and ate pizza yesterday too.....then I headed to the gym about an hour later...it's OK as long as it's not an everyday food!!
  4. The “diet” I have been following; “the abs diet” actually encourages you to cheat once a week on a meal.

    “Guideline #6: For one meal a week - CHEAT. For one meal each week, forget about good protein and good fats and eat whatever it is that you miss the most. The goal is to control your cheating so that you stick to the schedule and not cheat more often. Also, studies have shown that a day of high-caloric intake can rev up your metabolism and therefore help you change you body. But use control and make sure that you only cheat once a week.”

    That totally works for me because there is no way I could go a week without pad thai/pizza/sushi.
  5. Pizza is delicious! How could we deny it? I think it's fine to have some once in a while! As long as you at healthy most of the time, everything is okay in moderation!
  6. Pizza is probably the only food that I could eat day after day.. not that I do.
  7. ...and it probably isn't too fattening if you skip the cheese but who am I kidding...that's the best part!!
  8. it's addicting...
    but I rationalize it with DIET coke. lol
  9. I believe thats actually illegal in most counties....
  10. you are my new diet guru! I shall workout in your general direction every morning!:yahoo:
  11. Hey, if you crave it that much, eat a lot of it. then you won't want it for a while. That's how I am with pizza and a few other things. Every time I eat pizza I'm so bloated afterwards that I never want to see pizza again for a long time.
  12. ITA with this theory. Only I cheat like crazy one day (instead of one meal - more freedom) a week. After a couple of weeks that cheating day will get old & you won't feel so great the day after.
    Pizza & pad thai are my down falls too.
  13. Ah, come on, we all do it from time to time. But I will say that the cleaner you eat the worse you feel when you eat dirty. Almost as if your body simply gets used to the good stuff and reacts to the bad.
  14. It's okay. Really. My nutrionist said that pizza can be a good food choice. It has fat, carbohydrates and protein, and is especially good for you if you get it with veggie toppings. :tup:
  15. It's okay.:yes:
    I HAVE to HAVE pizza once a week!!!