i hate sunscreen

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  1. i hate the smell, i hate how it dries out my skin and i hate how it makes me pasty white.

    today i tried an unusually nice formulation from shiseido but it's only spf 10 (which might be why it smelled fine, felt fine and wasn't chalky).
    i have extremely, EXTREMELY dry skin. can i use this spf10 stuff (is it better than nothing or barely? because nothing is what i use now), or does anyone else have a better idea?
  2. I haven't ever tried Shisheido products, but I think they have a good reputation. SPF 10 is better than no sun protection. Maybe if you also wore a baseball cap or sun hat that would help too.

    I use Skinceuticals SPF 35 and I like it b/c it doesn't have any fragrance, is non-greasy and also moisturizes a little bit too.
  3. I hate sunscreen too! I found a great sunscreen called Bioderma photoderm max and love it. I buy it from a website as the US does not sell it... I would read up on it and check it out for yourself.
  4. I have the opposite problem! Sunscreen makes me greasy. And I don't have especially oily skin. I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Drytouch. I can use the 30 fine under makeup (at least when it isn't humid). The 45 won't absorb and it messes up my foundation. I have a bunch of the 45 I bought on sale so now I just use 45 on my body and 30 on my face, which is totally backward of what I'd normally do. I am super fair with a family history of skin cancer and I'm terrified of looking ancient before my time.
  5. sunscreen is too thick for me, and always causes breakouts.

    Clarins uv40 and Kiehl's spf25 have good reputation, perhaps give them a try.
  6. I hate sunscreen too, for the past few years I've used Riemann P20 instead, it's a wonder product!!

    It's a thin clear liquid that you apply once and it protects all day! Even the fairest of people can tan with it and you NEVER burn with it! I wouldnt try anything else after using this.

    It also prevented prickly heat, which I always get.
  7. I need it. I use european sunscreens with mexoryl xl, either La Roche Posay dermo-kids spray or Vichy ultra fluide extreme with a high PPD factor for the ultimate in sun protection. It's light and matte, odorless and no white cast. This was after researching so many sunscreens that didn't give me the blockage I needed.

  8. Ditto^ I also use La Roche Posay Dermo-pediatrics spray, spf 40. I normally hate sunscreens too but this one is nice.
  9. I agree that sunblock has a smell so I use a moisturizer with spf in it.
  10. surferchick2 and acegirl i've tried la roche posay sunscreen cream and it made me very white. what is this spray? is it okay for the face? where do you buy it? i'm very excited about this...
    oh, one more question, if i need additional moisturizer, do i put it on before or after the sunblock???
  11. It's their sunblock for kids & comes in a pump spray bottle..Dermo-Pediatrics. I use it all over including my face.
  12. Yes, it's great. It can ball up, so you have to put it on quickly. I spray it in my hands when I apply to my face. It can initially have a white cast since it's "drier" but disappears quickly. The vichy comes in a tiny bottle and is a bit runny, but smooths on very well with no cast at all, even in the beginning, so it's not a problem with either and because of my skintone I had a huge problem with white cast. I tried the LRP cream and although the ppd factor is higher, it was sooooo greasy, I couldn't use it. I think you can still buy it from tubotica.com or there are some intl eBay sellers that list it once in a while. I wish we could get mexoryl xl in the US but it's still only in europe (although the sx is a start for now). I put the moisturizer before and let it absorb for at least 10 minutes, then apply the sunscreen.
  13. I have the same problem with the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45. I've always used the SPF 30 and loved it, but I thought I might need more protection when I went on a Caribbean cruise last year, so I got the SPF 45. Well, for some reason, the stuff just wouldn't soak in and it left a chalky white residue everywhere - it stained my clothing and was really difficult to wash off.
  14. I love the Clarins UV PLUS SPF40. It's amazingly light and makes you glow. It's also great as a make-up base.
  15. Yeah, sunscreen sucks! But, is essential--I'm going to stock up on a couple of the suggestions here! 'Cause the stuff I've used is CRAP!

    I tried the Shisedo stuff awhile ago and while it was nice, it just didn't offer the protection. I'm using L'Occitane right now but, I can't stand it.

    As for moisturizer, I usually put on a light layer BEFORE the sunscreen--I keep hoping if I lay down a light barrier, I won't have the break out problems..but, no. I still get them.