I hate stalkers!

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  1. I'm sorry but I just have to make a point that I hate stalkers and hate that creepy feeling of a creep creeping! Have you ever just wished that you could make a choice you made go away? Undo something you've done, unmeet someone you've met? I sure do. But unfortunately sometimes when you make a poor choice.....it never goes away.:yucky:
  2. i know exactly what you mean. if only we could all click our fingers and unmeet.
  3. OMGosh! This sounds really scarry. Please be careful and report whoever and whatever is happening. You poor girl.
  4. I'm used to it but it makes me just sick to my stomach...........I'm tired of changing my gyms, I'm tired of selling my home, I'm tired of not even being able to go online without someone watching over my shoulder. I could BARF:throwup:

    Could I just say for the record, too I LOVE the little green barfing guy!!! haha

    And also Ranskimmie you've got a GORGEOUS family!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!
  5. it always seems to be an ex. about 1 in 3 must end up psycho
  6. HAHA....I tell ya I'm about 3 for 3!!!! I keep running to the mirror and looking but I swear I can't find it......you know:graucho: ......the stamp.....the one that says....PSYCHO MAGNET!:p
  7. I remembered that you mentioned someone that made your life horrible in a previous thread. Is the same guy? Be careful and I will send you an Angel to watch over you :smile:
  8. Yeah, the worst of the worst. He's joined our forum trying to pretend to be one of "us"......he thinks I'm stupid and don't know it's him. Just about as stupid as I was when I had AOL and he would try to IM me and pretend it wasn't him. Why do they have to be such jerks? Can't ya just go


    I would love an Angel, thank you!!!! But she's takin' on the devil himself!
  9. Wow!! If you prove that someone is stalking you in this forum maybe that person can be banned?
  10. He's not doing any harm but I know it's him and since I've figured out that it's him and he knows....he has stopped posting but still creeps around each day or so.I know him better than he knows himself and he's so transparent it's sickening. I know his patterns, I know his verbiage and I know what he thinks he's doing and he's just making me have to pull up that green guy again:throwup: ........ YUCK! So, I thought I'd start this thread and maybe he would read it and quietly drop off the face of the Earth! NOW:roflmfao:
  11. Good grief girl! I'm sorry:sad: That is creepy~ Can you get a restraining order on him?

    PS> or maybe have your big football player of a man have a talk with him!
  12. Um... on the forum!! report him!!! :wtf:
  13. I wouldn't be the first one to do it! Let me put it that way........but I'm being punished for a bad decision I made and I accept that. I adore Michael so much and he is so good to me that I try and think that he is my reward! But if the punishing could just end already.........dang, 2 years already!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  14. Please notify Vlad if there is an ISSUE...Via PM.....otherwise I think this personal issue should be handled privately..For safety reasons..ESPECIALLY!
    Good luck....
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