I hate some Sellers!

  1. Has this ever happened to you?I bought this Gucci dress the item decription was New With Tags.When i get the package in the mail there were no tags and the item was used!!So i filed a claim with paypal had to waste 5.00 shipping which i didn't get back.The seller refund for what i paid for the item.Told me to leave good feedback and i was so stupid that i did.The seller leaves negative feedback saying I was a liar and i ripped apart the tags so i could get my money back.What the heck right?I'm so mad because i had good feedback.I have the messages she send that she said to leave good feedback and to send the item.Is there anyway i can take that off or will it stay there?
    Thanks had to vent.
  2. Hi, you go to the help menu on eBay then down to feedback removal and you can ask eBay to remove it; I don;t know if they will because I asked them remove a negative I thought was unfair but they did not; maybe you will have better luck.
    Hope this helps!
  3. You can reply to her feedback underneath hers to you and explain what happened.....
  4. Unfortunately, it will stay.
    You can always reply to the feedback she left you. I also suggest you leave a follow-up comment on her positive as well, let others know of her dishonesty. Leave it with caps on so it stands out against the green dot.

    Sorry this is happening, it sucks but not all sellers are that nasty.
  5. OMG! That seller is an a$$. I'm sorry this happened to you! You should leave a comment below her neg about what happened. eBay won't remove neg. It has to be for something like the comment has profanities in it or if someone leaves feedback but the transaction never actually took place. I also agree with the other post to leave a comment in CAPS under the positive one you left. Some sellers are just jerks!
  6. why would you leave a postive fb just because they told you?:confused1::tdown:
    in anyway respond back in CAPS and explain what happen the seller lied and should not be trusted