I hate snow!!

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  1. Ok, just need to vent...So, I was traveling home today with my keepall 55 and I got trapped in a snow storm!! :cursing: I had to walk from the train station to the bus stop, and although it`s not a long distance, my keepall got covered in snow and when I got on the bus, I saw how bad it was - the entire vachetta on the "LV upside" side was covered in water spots!! However, when I got home, it seemed that the damage wasn`t as bad as expected, but there are cleary marks on the vachetta which annoys me since it had finally started to develop a patina.

    The worst thing is that this is the second time I`ve gotten caught in the snow with this keepall - I`m really thinking that I should get a damier keepall instead since I live in a country with rain/snow for the majority of the year. :shrugs:

    Anyways, I just had to let it out. Mods, feel free to close this thread if it seems meaningless, but this is the only place I feel people understand my OCD when it comes to vachetta in the snow/rain..
  2. Okay...if I have a vachetta bag out and it starts to rain or snow...I freak out. I will actually take my coat off in the 20 degree weather just to put it over my bag so it doesn't get stains on it!! I TOTALLY understand what your saying!! LOL!
  3. oh, i'm sorry your mono keepall have 'snow' spots :s I'd go w/damier and stop worry about the vachetta, or you can always replace the vachetta on the mono if it bothers you too much :flowers:
  4. Yup, definitely time for damier ... LOL!
  5. Oh I had the same problem!! Keepall was my first 'big' LV and I had to walk like 700m in heavy snow... so I covered it with second jacket, lol. Now when it developed nice patina I don't care!
  6. Lol, thanks for your understanding guys!

    although I do love my keepall, I have been thinking a lot about damier luggage lately, and maybe this was some sort of sign? :p I`m very seriously considering putting a damier keepall on my wishlist for next christmas..
  7. OMG! I'm totally nuts and overprotective of my bags too.
    I bought an epi bag as my "weather bag" and won't even take out a vachetta bag if theres a possiblity of rain :p
  8. Oooh, sorry about your keepall, stupid snow.
    I have found that if you are caught in the rain or snow, if you rub the drops so they are evenly dispursed over the vachetta it dries w/o the drops showing. My alma was the victim of a vicious dousing[rain] & it really helped her dry out ok.
  9. Aww.. sorry to hear about your bad experience. A damier bag might be a good investment for the wintertime.. or you could always do what I do with my vachetta bags and just carry a plastic bag inside the bag, ready to be whipped out when the elements attack - it's tacky, but I gotta protect my bags !
  10. ^ Such a good idea! I should start doing that..
  11. I totally feel your pain. ONE WEEK after I brought my antigua home from London the stamped luggage tag was smugded by a nearby driving car splashing snow (and, I learned after a while, motor oil or some greas) all over it!!! :cursing:The grease stain now is finally somewhat blending into the patina, but I tell you it took a year!

    I sometimes saved my KEEPALL by wrapping a huge scarf around it though
  12. i keep a (big) plastic in my speedy30 and a little umbrella.. in case its raining or snowing.
  13. Oh thanks! I`ll definitely try that next time (I`m not completely sure if I learned my lesson this time either :p) :flowers:
  14. i thought i was the only person in the world has has taken their jacket off to protect their bag from snow/rain!!! hahahahahahha woww i feel much better
  15. If the water spots are light enough, they will fade over time especially as the patina develops. I wouldn't worry too much about it. But, like others have said, you could have the vachetta replaced.