I hate snooty SAs, think they are all that.

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  1. As many of you know, I ordered a red balenciaga box from bluefly the other day. I went into this boutique called Susans in San Francisco today just to take a look at the size of the box and some other b bags. From the moment I walked in, this SA comes up to me and asks "can I help you?" but not in a nice way or anything, totally in a condescending tone. I was a wearing juicy velour suit, maybe she thought I wasn't dressed up enough or something. So anyways, I ask her where the b bags are and she shows me to them and says what are you looking for. I said just want to look at the box and do you have any other colors besides the lilac. She says no, so I ask when are you getting the fall colors in. She then says I don't know whats coming in the fall, it's only march. not in a very nice tone again. The whole time I was in there she watched me like a hawk, and kept asking me if she could help me with anything else like she was trying to get me out of the store. First of all she didn't know anything about b bags, I knew way more then her and I only know because of this forum. So anyways since they didn't have any colors besides lilac and white, I decided to leave, as I was walking out the door she says whatever you do don't buy any b bags on line because they are all fake!. NOw I know that's not true from reading so much a b bags. man I was sooo pissed when I left the store, I almost felt for julia roberts in pretty women. When I buy my next Balenciaga I'm definetly not giving them my business.
  2. SAs make a big mistake, when they size people up based on youth and dressy-ness. Many of us do have the money to spend and they lose business for the design houses that they represent.

    It would serve them right if more of the people that they are snooty to turned out to be millionaires in disguise!
  3. omg, this SA is soooooooooo rude!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They would never deserve ur business!!!!!!!!!!!!:evil: :evil: :evil:
  4. I just think that there is no reason what so ever to be rude to a potential coustomer, it just goes to show what a lack or breeding some people have. It actualy takes more effort to be rude than to be nice IMO
  5. Is Susans that store where you have to be buzzed in just to shop? I've heard people mention it, and I always thought that I could never relax in that kind of environment... Were there other customers there, or was it just you and that mean old SA? Boo to her.
  6. I definitely wouldn't give that place my business :suspiciou
  7. I agree totally, Celesus. And if SAs were smart, they would treat all enquirers as potential customers.

    Actually, I read once somewhere that some of the world's richest people (men more than women, but still) have gone around looking a bit down and out (not looking as though they are wealthy). SAs, even if they don't want to be nice for the sake of being nice, should pay attention to this.
  8. I know! I hate it when they treat me differently just becuase I am young. I can be dressed up or what not, but at some places they won't even bother to help me. I had the worst time a coupla months ago when I went to LV. I wanted to get one of the MC ipod cases so I went in and asked one of the guys if they had any I could see, and he wouldn't even answer me. He just nodded his head no. So I asked if they might be getting any in and just shrugged and walked away. Me and my friends were shocked outta our minds. Like he could've atleast opened his mouth and said "NO" geeeez was I pissed! (sorry for the random rant, but thought I would just give a little sotry of my own lol)
  9. Goodness, her statement at the end sounded like a cry for a sale.

    As an aside, I wonder how many gals bring their fake b-bags into that store asking if they are real, now, if that was happening to me a lot I might develop a bad attitude; but, I wouldn't take it out on a potential customer who was just browsing.
  10. No worries, guccigirl. I understand what you mean.
  11. ohhh I totally feel for you guccigirl. Those SAs are getting paid to serve you the customer, they shouldn't be impartial to age, race, clothing etc. and yes SPiralsnoman, it is the place that you get buzzed in. But the funny thing is there other location in Burlingame is totally relaxed and friendly. no buzzer, the door is wide open.
    Loganz: well when she said that at the end, it totally scared me because I had ordered my bordeaux box from bluefly.. DO you think it's going to be authentic?? very uneasy right now
  12. Inexcusable! I would never give them my business!
  13. Kylie don't worry..bluefly is one online website that is absolutely authentic and wonderful.....it is a big name around here.
  14. Did you get her name? Assuming she's not the owner, I'd send something in writing to the owner describing my experience there. If nobody says anything, then she'll keep treating customers badly.
  15. I guarantee you that the higher ups (CEO's, VP's and the like) never condone this behavior from these minimum wage employees. Every customer counts to them! I don't care how high end the store is. Thats why I always encourage anyone who gets treated this way to go straight to their customer service department or ask for the person's immediate supervisor. If that person gives you flack go straight to the top! Those people will be reprimanded and the company will fall over backwards to make it up to you!