I hate shady ebay sellers. I finally got separate buying and selling accounts.


Oct 17, 2006
Because of the TONS of misrepresented items I've received in the past 3 weeks I finally got fed up and got separate accounts. Does anyone else do this?

I'm a seller too, and I just don't know how people can lie about their listings so blatantly. Sometimes it's a mistake, and I totally understand that, but I got one wallet that was advertised as perfect condition with to odors, stains, tears, etc. but it smelled disgusting and had gum marks and red marks all over it.

Another big headache is with a horrible seller that advertised as new, and it arrived used and stained (clothing), and the wrong size. She advertised it as 0-6 months, and it was "newborn" sized, which according to the retailer is 8-12 lbs, it wasn't even in the 0-3 month range, when it arrived.

When I approached her about it she wrote (and I quote):

im sorry for your disapointment but 0-6 months is new born 0 months means new born and it will fit up to a 6 months, secondly the auction is listed as new without tags, meaning its like new but they dont have brand new tags,

Nooo... New means NEW. Not "like new." Not "used." Not "stained."

Well anyway, the point of this is that she's a ****ty person and she wrote:

so do what you will if you want leave me negative feedback cuz ill throw it right back at ya.....thanks for your time, please dont contact me threw here any longer....

I HATE retaliatory negatives. It's like she's holding me hostage for something that's not even my fault. It's clear that she does this a lot based on her other negatives.

So I made a separate account for buying, so that next time this happens, my seller account won't be compromised and I can leave negatives without having to worry about my reputation. Does anyone else do this?


Oct 17, 2006
I am doing it as a last resort, because sellers (the bad ones) take advantage of us a lot, because it's so hard to get any sort of action or reprisal even when THEY are the ones lying and misrepresenting items. Good sellers will normally work with you if they were in the wrong (accidentally or unintentionally) and I leave positives if we sort it out. But sometimes it's impossible.


Aug 7, 2007
I have seperate accounts- it is the best thing to do!

You can leave honest feedback without the worry of receiving retalitory feedback!


Nov 1, 2007
N. California
Most buyers who look at your feedback (well, sellers too) will look at your feedback's wording. If I want an item bad enough, I'll research the whys and how comes of a negative. It's the professionalism of the person I am looking for. If it's relatitory feedback, I can see that. That doesn't bother me as much as someone who's afraid to give truthful feedback.

But yes, having seperate accounts is a great idea! Especially for those who see a great deal and know it's worth more and only plan on re-selling it.

Good luck!


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
yeah, i think many people have buyers and sellers accounts for the very same reason. i think i will eventually do this, if i ever get into selling more stuff on ebay.


Aug 17, 2007
I also have 2 accounts, it is the best way to be able to leave honest fb without getting a neg in return.


Beep Boop
Oct 2, 2007
Los Angeles
:yes: This is a good idea. I'd never even thought of it

I always investigate negative feedback, I look at the feedback of both parties to see if I can figure out the problem. The only negative I've ever received, and still have even though she's no longer registered, was from a girl who never sent me my item. I got my money back but she was a rat for leaving me a negative.


Sunscreen Queen
Jul 28, 2006
Sunny So. Cal.
I have always had two separate accounts, and this is one of the reasons. I've never had any negatives on either one, but at least if I do, one won't affect the other. It's a shame we have to be so cautious, but better safe than sorry:confused1:.
Nov 20, 2007
Many sellers have at least 3 accounts - buying, selling, and ahem.. forum posting! Yes, it's funny those forum posters have 0 fb and give pretty good advice then later admit they have other accounts.

I have a separate ID because I got stalked in the past. One of the stalkers was quite a clown - he was my customer and bought everything I bought, even a watch that could synchronize the time by radio frequency, although it would not work in his country, and seller already mentioned it in auction. I warned him it will not work but he went ahead, later asked me how to set it up!


Jul 1, 2006
I've been wanting to do this for awhile. I think it's very smart. Is there an Ebay rule about it? Also, would you have to set up an entirely seperate Paypal account to do this?


Apr 11, 2006
Washington DC metro
I just did this recently also...i've got over 1000 feedback now and sell quite a bit and beyond just wanting to be able to leave negative feedback without harming my seller account (I've already had a few of these retaliatory which have pushed me from 100% to 99.5%) I also did it because i do not necessarily want people seeing what I am buying on my seller account. I have coworkers who know I sell on ebay and one was interested in some bag I had and asked for my ID and once i gave this out only to have the person commenting on how much I spent on XYZ purse!! From time to time she still does this and apparantly tracks my account from time to time to see what I buy! I dislike the lack of privacy regarding my purchases but I want to advertise to people I know what my seller account is. If you buy clothes people know your dress size. I also know that buyers will screen what you buy to see if it makes sense in relation to what you sell. I don't want the fact that I may buy a really cheap low budget item to impact the fact that I sell high end luxury items. If I buy a gangsta rap CD, a controversial book that may reveal my political or religious views, a french maid costume, or whatever...I do not want judgments from buyers that may influence their desire to buy from me. If I want to buy something embarassing and personal I want to do so more anonymously...especially as eventually fellow TPF members know your ebay ID name if you said you just got something and they saw or were bidding on the same auction while talking about it on the forum or recognize the photos of your item listed for sale they now have the connection to your ebay ID. Now I am just trying to build up the feedback on my buyer account...it is weird being at 1 again. I use the same paypal account...I figure that since it isn't advertised and only is privately given once the item is won there is no issue with using one account. I also just started noticing the new ID for discussion forum posters on ebay. I just started reading the ebay boards so for now I don't care about using my seller ID, plus I figure it only can attract traffic.